Android vs. iOS (Death Match)

This is a side by side comparison video on the latest Android devices vs the latest iOS devices. We compare Galaxy S3, S4, Note 3, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Note 8, Galaxy Tabs vs iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad Mini and iPad Air.Like on Facebook:
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41 Replies to “Android vs. iOS (Death Match)”

  1. Jenova Izq

    you are the man Ricky, love your video. I have Android and is true what you say Ricky android is getting better in a higher rate. Keep it up with your awesome video…..

  2. The YouTube Tech Guy

    i just looked him up, he seems really cool. I will try to reach out to him, but I would ask if you would too. I want the fans to reach out to my competitor so it doesn't seem like I'm trying to be mean, but that this is a video that fans would love to see

  3. marksapollo

    Only certain devices do. My Nexus 7 isn't rooted and I have nearly the full 32GB to play with after the OS installs. SO you are wrong to make a blanket statement. Also Emulators are FAR FAR FAR FAR better on Android and that's without rooting, plus controller support in Jellybean, I just plug my PS3 controller into my non-rooted Nexus 7 for games, can't do that with any iOS devices! Sure you can spend a fortune on a bluetooth controller if you want.

  4. mrferesg

    They require root, do you think everybody can root their phones??? not everybody goes to xda to check the latest tweaks for their phones and put costum roms and do all this crap. your argument is invalid. i remember that you can't install apps on sd cards since android 4 or 4.1 or something…

  5. mrferesg

    not enough space
    fantastical,1password4,rise alarm,calendars,camera+,ipohto,imovie,reeder,instacast,scanner pro,readquick,pocket,awesome note,path, analytiks,paper,articles,readability, calcbot,sketchnotes,camera awesome,tweetdeck,cards,timer 2.0,foldify,cloudmagic,party cloud,infomatic,kitcam,garageband,languages,gridditor,picmatic,habbitlist, piction, dreamdays,grokr,rollie,turnplay,televised,… and the list of beautifully designed apps that are exclusive to ios goes on and on…

  6. marksapollo

    I would also like to congratulate you on your CES coverage mate. It was very comprehensive and you showed a lot of products, more then many other channels.

  7. marksapollo

    I'll ignore my Nexus 7 for the mo and I love iOS on my PHONE only because it is a lot simpler to use, I don't like Android on a phone as I find it too fussy and a lil complicated with widgets etc. iOS is fast, normally, and easy to access. I know that you can set up Android to be what you want, but out of the box on a phone for me personally the iOS experience wins. But on tablets it's a different story..

  8. mrferesg

    I'm sorry but sense is ugly, touchwiz is ugly,and it's not just the launcher but 1st party apps, menus and alot of 3rd party apps rely on that ui. AND UPDATES TAKE FOREVER.
    A lot of my friends got malaware and viruses on their phones, and they're not geeks and never throught that phones need antiviruses like PCs.
    UI matters to me, and apps like camera genius,fuzel 2.0,today weather,meernotes,airdictate,cnn, my seeen,500px,starmatic, tweetbot,flickr,stickyhead,clear,weat,wthr,twitterrific,spaced

  9. mrferesg

    Gaming lag is noticable, and it shouldn't because ANDROID PHONES ARE QUADCORE 2GIGZ OF RAM, and still lag behind the a6 or a6x chip in gaming, and in alot of the tests i saw, no backround apps, no live wallpapers…
    Unoptimised games's textues or apps overall have either tiny controls or upscale and have blown up fuzzy controls, in either way it's not a great experience unlike ios devices.
    nexus devices only offer a true android experience, but if i wonna have lte,i have to live with sense or tw

  10. mrferesg

    – I just said that iTunes is richer, FACT. and please stop repeating it will be and it will be unless you own a time machine!
    – For me, blown up unoptimised phone apps on tablets is a deal breaker
    in my retina ipad 64 gb i use like 44 gb and most of it is apps and games for the retina display because unlike the nexus 10, textures are console-like. but they are heavy( because they are optimised for the screen size and the resolution, again, unike the nexus 10)

  11. mrferesg

    well, india is not the biggest smartphone market, here in the us, carriers like at&t or verizon put their messy ugly logos(note II) and their crappy bloatware. have you heard that the verizon Galaxy nexus got jellybean in september??
    As for chrome, google shouldn't release a half baked browser as android's official browser. and did you know that safari IS the faster than any browser of any android device???
    As for Updates, well I CARE!

  12. mrferesg

    Can you list android tablet optimized apps???
    Accessories : it's not about wether people will use them or not, it's about the fact that they're here
    APPS come to iOS first, and when they hit android, they are either buggy or lacking features. Like instagram when it hit andorid was missing frames and some filters, or path v2.0 that missed filters.CHECK UR FACTS

  13. iNaughty 77

    now the iFags ll come to argue that iPhone only came first and android copied it. I accept. John Baird is the first man who invented TV. That doesn't mean we must have to use the TV he invented some 80 years ago.
    People with brain will understand.

  14. iNaughty 77

    ok shut up dear iFags.
    all your passionate arguments are NOT going to stop fandroids like me from buying an android in future.
    for all ur silly problems and useless arguments,know this:
    just compare how these OSes(android and iOS) evolved with time ie.iOS 1 to iOS 6 and android 1.0/1.5 to android 4.2 jelly bean over period of 5 years!!
    who is more likely to survive this competition!!
    who really takes mobile tech industry forward!!
    who really lags behind!!
    i ll bet my money on GOOGLE anyday.

  15. Azriel

    gaming lag is not perception, its reality, and it shouldn't happen on my htc one x. It shouldn't matter about background apps opened, they shouldn't be opened in the first place if im not using them. IOS understands how to control the experience instead of leaving apps opened. shouldn't happen on a phone os. i can play games until the iphone shuts off at low battery with no stutters. the angry bird reference isn't just about birds, its about how bad the experience is because of different sizes

  16. Azriel

    cut it out with the rooting and hacking, ain't nobody got time for that. Android, in order to be superior needs to root. the excuse is oh this doesn't work, "just root it" no thats not how it works. it should work directly out of the box, which android has a problem doing.

  17. Azriel

    average consumers dont tweak their phones on xda, therefore they need the perfect experience, since android is tossed around like some dirty girl that experience varies, with iPhone you know what you get. Also the iPhone does what you need it to do, it doesn't need extra stuff that mostly go unused to feel more superior. do you know that Gingerbreads released in 2010 has over 60% of consumers while Apples IOS 6 operating system released in 2012, holds over 60% ouch?

  18. b22chris

    And lastly; think before you write. You didn't even know about the 1st feature I mentioned; so I highly doubt you are qualified to argue of behalf of Android. You've stepped into territory where you can't win. I have an HTC one S, iPhone 4s, iPad(4th gen), Sony Walkman Z series, Asus Transformer Prime and an HTC 8x Windows Phone. In other-words, I know what the fuck I'm talking about.

  19. Azriel

    Android and their sd card argument is laughable at best. SD cards are stupid, plain and simple, everything is going towards the cloud now and the average consumer doesn't want to be bothered by an sd card when they can just access everything in the cloud, its much easier and consumers will pick this over any SD card.

  20. b22chris

    1.When turning an iOS device on for the first time it asks if you want to use it as a "new iPhone" or "restore from iCloud back up". No such feature from android
    2.Relevancy in the market in terms of life of the phone, not how often they are released. As I said most 2 year old androids are worthless and none are being sold; iPhone 4 on the other hand is approaching 3 years old and is still being sold.
    3.There are WAY more cases, battery cases, screen protectors etc for iOS as opposed to android.

  21. Azriel

    1. android does this through the app store. not as good as icloud because it doesn't just allow apps but, pics, documents everything on your old phone is on your new phone basically. 2. great their phones come out every 2 months, more fragmentation for everyone. also consumers dont like when one new thing comes out after they just bought the newest. most are locked in a 2 year contract anyway so every few months is pointless. even manufactures understand this

  22. iNaughty 77

    1. no idea
    2. relevancy?!seriously?!For all iPhone users,there is only ONE smartphone on the planet , which is the iPhone. For android, every 2 or 3 months , a new flagship arrives with improved overall features and specs from a no.of manufactures(samsung, lg,motorola,htc, huawei,sony, asus,zte etc) ;so how can a 2 year old android be relevant for all users?
    Common !honestly!! how many of you iOS users really use the various iPhone accessories?
    no dude, u cant have the itunes card yet.

  23. iNaughty 77

    regarding internal storage, there are many file managers/root explorers iin google play (astro, ES etc) to store ur apps and games to ur sd card.

  24. iNaughty 77

    there is too much non specific whining from iOS users/android haters as expected. apple is trying to control each and every aspect of user xperience making it uniform for all the users. android is trying to make YOUR smartphone xperience , YOUR own. some people like this, some people that. Personally i think a Software must be more tweakable.thats just my preference.

  25. iNaughty 77

    dude the very necessity of making android open and having different skins from different manufacturers is to make smartphone experience as a whole to be unique and different from each other. on top of that, there is age old Customisation (as u said launchers). and there is rooting.
    malware ?? do you know how many antiviruses are there in play store? how many are affected by malwares?
    poorly designed apps? give egs.

  26. iNaughty 77

    play store is full of wallpapers, widgets and least we utilise them if not all , most of them.U go and utilise ur App Store's 700,000+ varied and unique apps one by one.god help u bro.
    gaming lag: mostly individuals perception.but it may be due to multiple apps running in background, low battery,similar probs
    u are frustrated of android because angry birds are very small?!kudos to you bro.
    for nexus devices to be wallet friendly, certain high end features(LTE) have to be sacrificed

  27. iNaughty 77

    google play is improving by the day as far as media store is concerned
    tablet apps are being optimised for android, still far less than iPad , but its no deal breaker.
    does anyone use 32 or 64 or even 16 gigs of entire phone/tablet storage for apps and games?? if u do,u r a jerk!
    nexus device camera is OK but definitely not crappy or unusable(unless u r a professional photographer wanting great quality pics everytime u snap).

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