22 Replies to “Android vs iOS Development: Key Differences”

  1. doublegdog

    I just recently started iOS development from a course by Rob Percival I purchased on UDemy. I only came across your channel by complete chance after I started that course. Great material here and you've helped me figure out certain things I couldn't figure out from the course. Just goes to show that the best way to learn is from multiple sources. Keep up the great work my friend!

  2. Johan Albrectsen

    You are the best. Literally. These tutorials are so helpful, it's unbelievable… Because of you, I have released 2 games to the AppStore and I am about to release my third! I can't thank you enough

  3. JNUG

    My current situation is that I am looking to do iOS work and am upskilling myself in my spare time to achieve this. However I have been offered work in my current job to do android development, not using Android Studio, rather creating responsive apps using Javascript and frameworks like cordova to bundle them as a native android app.

    I have never done anything in Javascript or android so can anyone advise on whether this work will be related/beneficial for iOS development? As iOS development is my goal im not sure if this work will aid my knowledge and upskilling speed in Swift or hinder it.

  4. j bee

    Hey Brian, if it's not to much trouble. Could you post a download link to that QA app you were using for this, think you mentioned you'd share the code for it. Thanks!

  5. sup

    Hey guy, really enjoying the videos. could you make one about entrepreneurial career opportunities in the tech industry. Im a CS and Business student but i really want to be independent and not rely on somebody else for my pay, well being, etc. Also would you even considering studying the field in school to be important?

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