Android vs. iOS – Differences That Matter

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Jayce talks about “some” of the differences between Android & iOS

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44 Replies to “Android vs. iOS – Differences That Matter”

  1. Jim Y

    no matter how we like android's customizable features, hidden behind the iOS is simplicity as a result of loads of optimization work, and top tier security

  2. Zander

    Also iPhone batteries suck, I see all the iPhone users in my school charge their phone not even halfway through school, and my Motorola is still 90 something percent?

  3. datguyruff

    so people will still buy iphones even if the specs on papee are not good and stuff. its about the ecosystem and how it feels. im using adriod bc i prefer it but stop with the fanbois who know nothinf. and yes i do know what im talking about ive used apple since 2012 i switched bc i was forced to lol

  4. Nancy Runyon

    I absolutely hate Apple I do not think their devices are all that reliable. I've had so many problems. I love my Android. I have a Samsung Galaxy J-3 2018 Edition. It was only $139 and it is a great basic phone with lots of features

  5. AndyPandy777

    texting to the point of almost paralysis where you dont look where your driving or walkin. im sorry but thats a mental disorder caused by these devices.

  6. AndyPandy777

    weve all texted while driving. what a liar. dont promote th idiots that do! i HATE these people, they annoy me more than speeding. id love to see text and drivers crash and die not the poor sensible driver.

  7. Naveen Jain

    Android is owned by four types of people.
    1) normal people who want to buy iphone but can't afford one.
    2) normal people who can afford iphone but have a list of things in mind that they want in their phone in which iphone doesn't fit in but some Android model does
    3) advanced people who want to tweak their phone according to their needs like flash custom Rom and stuff.
    4) reviewers

    iphone is owned by three types of people:
    1) rich
    2) poor ones with low self esteem
    3) reviewers

  8. Andrewgyny

    My iphone, what I do?! Youtube, Gmail, Phone Calls, Texts, Calendar, Peptalk, reminders, alarm, etc. Not very “game” oriented and don’t even care about customization. Just my preference, I don’t need a lot and I like the stream lines ios.

  9. Jeremy Harris

    I like Kershaw knives myself, I carry either the leek or the blur. I am a geek, it's why I prefer android. Apple limits my ability to customize and access apps outside of their store.

  10. Ray-an Bigay

    When buying secondhand
    Android: problems problems problems(burn lcd, not functioning well, and many problems)
    Apple: quality quality quality(mostly just dents) even if u buy the old iphone 4

    Quality is important

  11. Todd Gunter Jr

    Clickbait video. In some circumstances being funny (or trying to be), especially in the first minute in this "review" (without doing the review) isn't appropriate

  12. Brennan Ferguson

    Iphones are faster than any android phone, every year, for generations. Ssd cards are far too slow to be compared to actual internal flash storage. In the early days of android when they firs arrived to chanllege iphone as the only game in town, the iphone was far to locked down, but in 2018 this isn't relevant anymore, I haven't felt any need to jailbreak an iphone in about 4 years.

  13. Athanstein

    ur statement about "android users are geek" is wrong sir, most of the android users i know dont know that android is made by google, they just own an android phone cuz it costs 100 or 200$, they only use it for whatsapp, messages and phone calls, but for the note and S users then yeah u re right but they are the minority.

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