Android vs iOS: for the Legend wannabe | Marvel Contest of Champions

Android vs iOS loads “on tape”, my 5* R4 Magik caught doing performance workouts at over 1 hit/s, and a legendary bug says hello too!
Android Soundtrack: Pixies “Where’s my mind (Piano cover)”, free download at
iOS Soundtrack: Skazi “Warrior”, free download at
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14 Replies to “Android vs iOS: for the Legend wannabe | Marvel Contest of Champions”

  1. Mighty_ Legend

    I agreed vrto I've few videos record from android they suddenly stop to work on fight in quest or arena and take much time to load than apple is best take low time to load never stop to work…

  2. hacker man

    can u make few more device testing … like what i mean is … i cant or wont buy an iphone for this game alone .. my android samsung j7 is slow for game but i use for my job and other purposes which is user friendly …
    I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME WITH GOOD SPEED..what i want to know is which android device works the best for the game ??? like 21 sec for ios … for droid its good if it has 25 to 30 sec

  3. vrto

    Note: the video may wrongly suggest that the freeze bug is Android-only but that's not true, it exists on iOS too, and this was first (and only) time I noticed it!

  4. Raymond Jiang

    Fascinating… I myself have a Huawei Honor 5x and although I've never gotten the freeze glitch I occasionally have a problem with Drax. When I dash forward to medium attack into a block, he'll sometimes "absorb" into the block and not get pushed back, resulting in the opponent immediately countering. Thoughts?

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