Android vs iOS Games and Quality Nexus 4 iPod Touch 5th Gen

This video showcases how both Android and iOS run their respective games, and putting aside a misconception that Android doesn’t have the same great library of games that iOS flourishes upon. The devices used are a Nexus 4 running CM10.1 Jelly Bean 4.2.1 and an iPod Touch 5th Generation running iOS 6 stock.

Subway Surf (Android and iOS)
Doodle Jump (Android and iOS)
Pitfall (Android and iOS)
ClayJam (Android and iOS)
NBA 2K13 (Android)
ExZeus 2 (Android)
Walking Mars (Android)

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18 Replies to “Android vs iOS Games and Quality Nexus 4 iPod Touch 5th Gen”

  1. Ban Camilleri

    U know that sometimes games take months and there are still a lot better games on iOS than there are on android.The exiting speed is cos of the double click on the home button,on the iPod it has to wait to check if you intend on clicking again.I had this problem on samsung devices with their voice commands enabled.Strangely even with this lag that has to be there the game u were playing at 9:50 closed faster on the ipod.If you use an iPad with gestures you can tell that it is just the button.

  2. Ban Camilleri

    It isn't fair that you're using old under clocked hardware and the latest and greatest of android to compare. I mean I don't know what benchmarks are supposedly the same, but check out glbenchmark and it's pretty clear that the nexus is more powerful. I mean even the cpu helps things out. And I love how you disabled the ratings for ur video 🙂
    I have nothing against android (have an s2) lol but I mean purposively deceiving people is kinda lame.

  3. prenz pries

    Gameloft games are usually better on iOS. Other than that it's pretty even. I still want some iOS games like Infinity Blade, CSR Racing and Traffic Racer.

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