Android vs iOS in 2020: Why Android Is BETTER!

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Android vs iOS? It’s probably the main reason most people choose an iPhone over Android and visa versa. The operating system is fundamental to how smartphones work.

After years on Android, switching over to iOS and the iPhone 12 Mini has made it obvious to me what iOS lacks, compared to Android. While there are many things iOS does better, and while they are becoming more and more similar operating systems, there are still areas where iOS falls short.

In this video I go through what I’ve noticed Android does better than iOS in my time using the iPhone 12 Mini. I’m not saying one OS is better than another, I’m only pointing out what I’ve noticed jumping to iOS in 2020.

0:00 Android vs iOS
0:31 Split-Screen Multitasking
1:18 Camera Shortcut
2:01 Gesture Navigation
3:35 Fingerprint Scanner
4:17 Keyboard Specifics
4:59 Swipe Speed
5:20 Always On Display
5:56 Move Homescreen Apps
6:15 Close All Recent Apps
6:37 Notifications
7:25 Sumary

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17 Replies to “Android vs iOS in 2020: Why Android Is BETTER!”

  1. Dean

    As someone who uses both, this is a very fair and balanced video. I agree completely on the things that bother me on iOS, and I like that you kept the pettiness out of it. Great job!

  2. Mojo Cat

    google is nosey as fuck. I am going back to iPhone. I trust them to protect my privacy more. Google and FB violate users' privacy all damn dday.

  3. Jason Davis

    Been a big fan of Android over the years, seems like there is a lack of good apps lately or possibly I am not able to find them, specifically in the camera area

  4. Yazz Jazz

    Thank you so much for your video.🤗 Finally someone who thinks like me 👍!! There were so many faults on older versions of ios, and getting worse and worse on ios 14, the battery percentage is no longer displayed on top of the screen! The control center is no longer at the bottom! it was easier to swipe up to make it appear! Excellent remark at 6:00 (Move homescreen app) "We are in 2020 and they have more powerful smartphone” … To close 20 applications it's one after the other !!! Why !! I bought the iphone 12 mini because there is no Android phone so compact and light and it's a shame.🥶 It seems that Sony and Xiaomi are going to release compact phones, I can't wait !! Many thanks for your video and if you have any information on an alternative to the iPhone 12 mini, let me know. Big like!👍👍👍👍

  5. EndiiChannel

    Iphone is still better option for me because has the most secured system and a better operating system, and that’s it, on my opinion iphone feels and is more premium

  6. Alexandros El

    I use both, but many reviewers compare Android to IOS just from customisation and hardware and forget the most important aspect: software capability.

    Android in one hand is like you have a real PC in your pocket while in the other side IOS have to many restrictions to call a "handheld computer". That's why is more stable (if you compare it of course with low cost android devices). Android can connecting to anything, cable or wireless, transfer any type of files, with a central files system that any app have access to them. On contrary, IOS core didn't give access even to native apple apps. For example: apple TV app don't have access to central files system, even pictures or videos from camera app is stored in different locations than central files systems and you have to moving manually… I use imovie and i need a tutorial to find how i delete my videos of project.. ouch!!.. Of course, freedom of connections and manipulation is more important than design or security. Iphone without computer or your files in the cloud is almost unusable.

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