Android Vs iOS Part 1 of 5

After using an iPhone for 30 days, I realized that Android has a much more polished UI and more intuitive features. Things were much more difficult to do on the iPhone then they were on Android. This is the reason why I created this video series. I want to show the flexibility on Android compared to iOS.

I love technology and enjoy using Google, Apple, Asus, Samsung, and many other gadgets out there. I hope you enjoy this video and subscribe to my channel.


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41 Replies to “Android Vs iOS Part 1 of 5”

  1. Kimali Bennett

    remember before 2012 when one of the main arguments was the screen size of iPhones. or before 2014 where basically all Android cameras were trounced by iPhones. or before Android L came and gave Android fans the clean os like iOS but still allowing for the flexibility of Android. it is really cool to see how far we have come


    The androids are extremely customizable, the ios's arent.. i al kinda happy to see adult comparisons going on here, mostly, anyways.. to each his own, is how I feel about it,,i have a few friends, that are real electronics geeks, and they have both, they use which ever one they feel like that day..I do feel that android is going to continue to pull away from IOS in capabilities, ONLY because its open source.. IOS has to control everything just to much, BUT because they do that, everything is going to work together more.. But I will say this.. Samsung and qualcom has made an 8 core processor, samsung has made a ram chip that will hold 8gb of ram, and still use the same amount of power,, I feel that tablets and phones are fixing to get extremely powerful! I dont know if apple is going to follow suit1 i hope they do..But if they done, the capabilities of android devices are going to shoot through the roof with speed and complexity of their apps! much like windows has done over the years..I have a windows phone..I love it, but they just dont have the apps yet. I hope they do. when they do windows phones are really going to take off. Use what you like.. best thing is to have one of each! then you have the best of both worlds!!

  3. Zillionjape

    Wow, iOS has really changed. Almost all complaints there are in this video have been fixed. Like the multitasking is more or less the same as in the Android.


    I prefer iOS, because most of low budget Androids I had were lagg when filled memory. I use Iphone 4s still, and it works fine to me, I know it is old phone and there is bunch a faster phones but Im not some high-end tech freak . My 4s forks find with 8.4.1 OS, it had a lot memory, and decent camera, and most important thing it is not too big, can fit in jeans pocket.

  5. Half Baked 420

    I like android never had a iOS phone before. Only thing I don't like about my android is when I download something I can't set my SD card to default and my phone itself don't have a lot of memory and I have a big SD card but I can't even use half of it because my phone storage fills up qickly

  6. Roi-Andra Lewis

    You're giving android way too much credit. I'm an android user atm and it isn't all that great. Personally I like iPhone better because it has more apps and the layout is really pretty and don't forget the emojis. Sure you can't customize it but in my opinion apple has better quality and stuff while android, in most cases, doesn't.

  7. Hüdaverdi Alperen Demirok

    I used both iOS and Android devices in my life. In conclusion, I found Android to be much more easier and flexible to use. My dad had problems with his 4S that he no longer uses an iPhone. So don't tell that iOS is flawless. On Android, you get top of the class specs. Most people buy the iPhone for showing off. Buying some tech gadget for showing off is just an abuse for the money and the gadget itself. You think that Android takes time, Arch takes time to be usable. Take some time off to tinker around. You're going to get benefits from it. You'll see what makes the phone/computer to work, and find problems and report it easily and fix it as well.

  8. Clayton Roberts

    Apple users are stupid & brainwashed from the UI, to better processes, to better cameras, to better features, android is the best. IOS gets boring after a while but u can do what ever the heck u want with an android phone, when ever I pull my phone out and asks what something is on it, its always an apple user. Lollipop is bomb, iOS 8 sucks

  9. therealnashcarp

    On an IOS device, safari is the best browser. So you're stupid if you are gonna use another one. Stay with safari if you don't want your phone to me dead in a few hours. So your argument is INVALID

  10. Papi Chulo

    can you do the latest comparison between the new version of the OS?
    iOS has changed a lot so is Android. We would love to see the new comparison video between this two giants..
    thanks for the vid btw.

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