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Looking for a new smartphone but not sure which operating system to opt for? Android vs. iOS — which is safer? Take a look at this video on Android vs. iOS security.
No matter what device you’re using, you can become a target of cybercriminals. Get NordVPN and shield your data from prying eyes:
The popularity of the software has an impact on how much a device will be targeted. The fewer devices there are to hack, the less attention from criminals it receives.

Another thing to pay attention to when it comes to Android vs. iOS security is software updates. The more up-to-date your device is, the better. Does Apple’s closed ecosystem mean that they can implement updates faster?

Check out our video to find out more about Android vs. iOS privacy, security updates, and the safety of their app stores.
Whichever device you decide to choose, don’t forget to protect your activities online with NordVPN:

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