ANDROID VS IOS !!! SERIOUSLY !!! ? || 2018

Android vs ios !!! Seriously !!!

Hey whatsup guys welcome to tov, in this video we gonna talk about is it really android vs ios or its something else that matters in 2018, so without wasting your more time on this intro lets get into the video.

We often talk about android vs ios ans sometimes the conversation becomes soo stupid that we need avoid it, because I don’t like headaches. I used to talk about the same thing when i was a child and was on the android side. Well as you all know its all about customisation vs simplicity. And seriously talking i was huge fan of customisation. But as i have grown up my mindset has been changed and i see myself wasting less time customising my phones. And that helped me too see the other side of android.

The security, and privacy. As i was growing up i dont know but i gave priority to my security and privacy. And after seen many cases where the android phones sell user data i was very shocked. I thought i was wrong from the beginning. They were tracking me, tracking your locatin, using cameras without user even knowing, using selling my data and seriously speaking i felt very insecure in using android. That moment I thought is it really android vs ios in 2018 like seriously. I don’t care about customisation i just want my data to be my data. Why can’t it be security and privacy. And then i moved on to apple. Android head of security has claimed that android is as secure as ios but i doubt.

They are both selling by millions all over the world, and with no sign of slowing down. If we talk purely about the threat level ios have the better side. Studies have found that a far higher percentage of mobile malware targets android. You see apple ios is a closed system and tightly integrated while android is an open source platform which makes the conditions worse. Take an example if a security threat was found on both platforms i bet you that the ios devices will surely get the fix first. And android will also later on but they wont release it to every android phone on the market.

My whole motive of this video is not favouring ios over android or android over ios. My pure motive is to stand for your security and privacy. I know it matters to you a lot and for me too it matters a lot. Please don’t be a fanboy just give priority to your security amd privacy. I don’t want your personal pics to roam on internet. And just invest in that platform which is more secure amd right now its ios.

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