Android vs iOS – Settling the Score.

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Part 2 of Android vs iOS, it covers phones only. I tried to cover as much content as I could without making the video too lengthy. Thanks for tuning in!

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Apple fanboys love Android (iPhone running Android):

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37 Replies to “Android vs iOS – Settling the Score.”

  1. Spiritman Productions

    Great video, as usual, but I think you missed two important points: hardware and cost.

    I can plug my AKG headphones into my phone to listen to music, because it has an industry-standard 3.5mm jack socket. You have to pay extra for an adapter for the iPhone.

    For less than £20, I added 64GB of high-speed storage to my phone with a microSD card. Can't do that with an iPhone – that way they can charge more for higher-capacity models.

    I can charge my phone with any USB charger because it has an industry-standard USB-C socket. It cost me less than a tenner to buy a pack of USB-C leads that I now use with all my existing chargers, including those left over from previous phones. Apple, on the other hand, forces people into an exclusive and expensive club with its hardware – a business model that basically says 'screw the customer'.

    Maybe you'll do an update one day!

  2. derflop

    iOS panders to the 85% that are too dumb/ignorant/uninterested to bother with "tech specs" and just want something "that works".
    Android caters to the other 15% that prefer having the option to customize things to their liking and don't give a shit about fluff like "brand recognition" or "status symbol"

    And so for as long as the general population remains dumb, uninformed, and uninterested about tech (likely forever), iOS will always have a stronger presence.

  3. LoiteringKevin

    Now the market is shifting.
    There's a ceiling of how well software can benefit the whole experience of a smartphone, and I think Android has been catching up quickly or even already surpassed iOS.

  4. Abe TRS

    Some Unique iOS Features
    iMessage (seriously a texting platform? Android has hangouts(and multiple other platforms) which are much more customizable and you can pick which app you get your SMSs)
    Extreme attention to visual detail. (Are you seriously telling me that the iPhone X looks better than the S8 or 9
    FaceTime(Again hangouts, skype etc. Note that all of these are not Android exclusive)
    Air Drop (Slower Bluetooth)
    Apple Ecosystem(Google EcoSystem or in fact any ecosystem you want: Samsung, Google, HTC, LG, Sony)

  5. TomT

    More people like you are needed out there. Not everyone is inclined to look beneath the surface.
    More often than not, that's what makes them then behave like sheeple and as a result just buy or do what their neighbour, friends/family, or colleague does.
    It's only by taking an interest in understanding that we go forwards.
    You Mr Coldfusion, yes you! help push them in the right direction, to want to find out, to become informed.

    It's a 10/10 from me.

  6. mattie carter

    It depends on your personality type
    Its the apps that make the phone
    IOS s great for social media
    Android great for Entertainment
    I used IOS since 2009
    2018 i switched to android
    Not so much into social media

  7. Koetlife Privé

    The two biggest differences between IOS and Android:

    Apple devices are just cooler (that’s why barely all famous people have an Iphone)

    Iphone users have more money (to spend).

  8. Gamepad 31

    not only that but android and windows just go hand in hand . I haven't had any problems with my phone and when it bricks , no problem I'll just go to a samsung phone and watch and go from there , same windows apps and well same everything . to be honest here , I chose android over IOS because of the outrageous price of the iphone X .

  9. lukkash

    I am the user of BOTH systems so have that good comparison.
    1.The very important feature of iOS devices it is a much better performance of even 2 yrs ild device with worse specs than actual, new Android devices. I’m using now iPh 7 Plus but previously iPh 6s with 2G Ram and dual-core processor and its performance was much better than my Huawei with 3G Ram and octa-core proc what is a damn paradox cos for Android more specs don’t mean a better performance of the whole device.
    The only one thing that’s annoying me the most it’s battery life which should be truly improved. On Plus series it’s not a problem but on non-Plus iPhones it’s quite ridiculous to have less than 2000mAh of battery capacity thus having to charge it 2 or even 3 times a day (what next can cause faster wearing).
    2. Themes for iOs would be also beneficial as it’s sth natural and we cannot rationalize it that nothing is needful / necessary for a user.
    3. Possibility of creation of files and folders in a normal way would be also a “good practice” rather than using an external app like Documents by Readdle. It is so obvious!

  10. travos k

    Honestly, if I could afford an iPhone i would definitely get one.
    Even if it means sacrificing Emulators and all the customization android offers

  11. Christopher Deck

    I have had iPods since iOS 6 and now I have iOS 11. I bought an android phone as my first phone and I love it. There are definitely things I miss about Apple like the “reduced white point” setting in accessibility that just lowered the brightness and all of the iMessage games. I love both.

  12. Dan Jakubik

    A fair comparison here. What's the best mobile operating system? That's like asking what is the best food? The answer is highly subjective, depending on personal needs and wants.

  13. Roman Consul Johnnanicus Emanius

    I like how funny iOS users defend their "iPhones"…
    "At least our phones don't explode" you do know that there are also some reports that iPhones explodes, caught on fire, and bent right?

    "At least we don't have viruses!"
    You do know that Android and iOS has the same security.. if you bought an Android phone newly.. there is in the settings called "download unknown sources" that allows you to download anything you want? And Android's are for smart users.. those who got viruses are dumbasses.. period..
    "At least our phones don't lag"
    Please… Not all ANDROID phones lag.. what about the OnePlus 5T? What about the Razer phone? And I heard that there was a $100 phone that has better specs and it's Android..

    "At least our phones don't look like bricks"
    Seriously? "Bricks" you say? What about the SAMSUNG Galaxy's?? Most of them are slim…

    "Hey, Apple is the first one to invent a touchscreen phone"
    Do your fucking research first.. there's a phone called "IBM Simon" which is the fucking first touchscreen phone in the world!

    "Apple is a bigger company than SAMSUNG!"
    Are you joking??? Like how SAMSUNG creates hardware.. and takes control of the South Korean military? Like how they also have their own hospitals? Like of how they built skyscrapers?

    "Apple wins! Because it's American!"
    An American product that is also made by KOREANS!

    If there's any defense that you iSheeps want to tell me.. I'll try my best to correct it.

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