Android vs iOS: Sizzling debate with LinusTechTips!

Are you team iOS or are you team Android? Jon Rettinger from TechnoBuffalo and Linus Sebastian from LinusTechTips compare both mobile operating systems to see which is the best OS!

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45 Replies to “Android vs iOS: Sizzling debate with LinusTechTips!”

  1. maddie sophia

    iOS all the way. according to apple privacy is a fundamental human right and every apple product is designed from the ground up to protect your information. they have the most advanced security features out there. if that was the case with android, then why do they come with antivirus apps built in??

  2. Umbra Deus

    androids optional features are tailored to its individual users rather than for the masses… most iphones have never had the apps i needed.
    fine tuning is also a plus for the more advanced user, ive been using android OS for years and not just on android.. i actually prefer it over most legacies too.

    Android-x86 on an old HP 15 here lol

  3. ParrotYee

    He's using headphones which are under $30 because he spent his iOS money wrong lol
    How apple fanboy/girls say to win an argument:

    "Shut the fuck up"
    "It's the most trusted"
    "Everybody had them"
    (that's why android user exist?)
    Seriously, fucking idiots I want to destroy their house

  4. random tech tests

    I hate iOS full of lags one button slow AF and its annoying with its security
    and android faster no errors ever experienced in it more buttons and standard security that won't permanatly lock you out for 100 f*cking hours

  5. Joost Visser

    The price to performance on the apple side is so incredibly low, I have a $280 phone and in most cases it performs the same or performs better than the new iPhone 8. The only thing the iPhone 8 is doing better is storage, but who the f*** needs 256GB of storage? I mean, if you're planning on downloading the entire appstore I get it. The only reason that I would buy an Apple product is because some features in its software work better than on the green side. But that doesn't make me want to spend an extra of $600 to buy such an overpriced product

  6. It's a mystery

    having a android phone is like having a disposable camera btw watching this on my ipad 3 made is 2012 which still gets regular software updates and still runs smoothly i wonder how many of you can say that about a 2012 galaxy tab. apple is slow with innovation yes because they let android test the new features out first whilst it's BROKEN and then they bring it in when it actually works. apple is predictable yes but that's why we love it we want something that just works instead of 2000 useless features that you use the first week of getting your android phone and never touch it again. i've had both ios and andriod, andriod is fun and exciting but after that "honeymoon" phase you wish you didn't have custom launchers and packs for the icons on your phone that slows down the operating system. apple manages to kick samsungs ass with performance in single core and multi core performance and it does this with half the specs it's easy to shit on apples head because they are a centralized company but it's impossible to shit on android cause who is there to blame samsung ? google? hawawei? i don't know you tell me…

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