Android vs iOS – What You NEED to Know

Considering of switching your smartphone for the “darkside”? Here’s everything you need to know in the IOS vs Android debate.

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23 Replies to “Android vs iOS – What You NEED to Know”

  1. Yasmine Enn

    choosing between iphone and android for me is like choosing between my ex who is handsome and i healthy and stable and istill have feelings for but who doesn't put enough efforts into our relationship, or another guy that's not completely confident and a little uglier but that can put as much effort as me into the relashionship 🙁 das how i see it and it makes me angry to choose

  2. Random boi

    You can’t compare them. They are too different softwares. And One could run faster but the other could have a better ram and camera and sorage, And I’m also realising, I’ve never had a “out of storage” message on my iPhone, But on my Samsung I could only have 6 apps untill it was full.

  3. Vovical

    Android no brainer.

    I don't want a company up-charging me for my phone and then deciding what I can and can't put on it.
    While I won't deny that apple products sync very conveniently between eachother, they're overpriced and Apple is controlling over what apps you're allowed to put on YOUR OWN PHONE.

  4. DJakeTech

    Ive worked with android and ios but I am much more satisfied with android. Those that say android is bullsh*t havn't bought a good android phone or they are too scared to admit that android is far better than ios. This is just my opinion.

  5. Daniel Beavers

    I dont really think you can compare iOS and android. Because iOS is on one brand so i think the correct way to compare would be to compare iOS and android on the top flagships android like note and pixel.

  6. Daniel Beavers

    Yea it's so weird how apple fans are willing to sale there own mama for a I phone before they ever even see it or know anything about it. It's like they would die for there honor it's so weird. Look these brands are not loyal to us so dont be to them. Just demand the best phone that is out at the time. At this moment it's the note 9. Next year it could be I phone so buy it. Just demand the best screws the brand name.

  7. J Scott Upton

    People who like "simplicity" like the iphone. People who are power users like Android. The ability to transfer files from your phone to Windows 10 or Linux is critical to me so I go Android.

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