Android vs iOS : Which is the Best Mobile OS ? Boo Tech

In this video i explained the difference between the android and ios.
which is best for your need. advantage and disadvantage of both os while i think this video is useful for you.

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33 Replies to “Android vs iOS : Which is the Best Mobile OS ? Boo Tech”

  1. Lanoj Ravi

    Bro intha video la ios la lagging parts nu neenga sonnathu
    1. Notification loop ios 12 la irukku
    2.iphone ku dual Sim varumnu sonnathu Rumor nu sonninga so what about iphone xs max?
    3.siri slow nu sonninga? Check through internet……

    Please don't compare budget android mobiles with iphone

  2. panneer selvam steve

    டே மயிரு நீ Siri use பன்னி பாத்துருக்கியாடா. iPhone use பன்னாதவன்லாம் compare பன்ன வந்துட்டான். மயிரு iPhoneல தான்டா storage அதிகம். நான் ஒரு iPhone user ஏங்கிட்ட இந்த வேலையெல்லாம் வச்சிக்காத.

  3. Mo Music

    Having been using iPhone for 10 years I feel android sucks I have to reset everytime when something goes wrong, My vote is always for iPhone it runs smooth always, frequent update, icloud storage, my only lag i would say in iOS is Siri and I would give a thumbs up to Google Assistant. Again as you mentioned in the video i am brand concerned and good support so I prefer iOS- A happy iPhone user- Thanks for the video.

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