Android vs iOS: Which is the Best Mobile OS?

If you have been confused between Android or iOS and have been thinking which is the mobile OS out there, we are here to your rescue. We pit Android vs iOS and compare its interface, notification center, functionality, apps, performance (phone performance and battery), updates, jailbreak vs rooting and all the other differences between Android and iOS.

We are demonstrating this video using the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Google Pixel, LG Nexus 5X, Galaxy S8, Mi Mix, and Moto G4 Plus. We are comparing Android O vs iOS 11, as well as older versions like Android Nougat vs iOS 10.

Music: Fast Forward by Ukiyo

Video Walkthrough:

1. What Makes Android Better Than iOS?
2. What Makes iOS Better Than Android?
3. iOS vs Android: Which One You Should Go For?

10 New Android O Features You Should Know:
How to Get Android O Features on Any Android Device:
10 New iOS 11 Features You Should Know:

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41 Replies to “Android vs iOS: Which is the Best Mobile OS?”

  1. Ahnaf Mahmud

    You don’t need to close all recent apps from iPhone…. it’s for when an app is not responding. The OS can handle it by itself. Doing this every time will cause more battery drain.

  2. ابو شـهاب

    that's just to much man if i need to break down to you easily
    iphone 6 which is now considered the oldest phone doesn't LAG
    while the android take your pick in any flagship phones and it will still LAG AF
    i love fast experience and no waiting for something to load up iphone can be used for 5 hours of run time and will still work as a charm
    while the android huh you know what am talking about .

  3. Sam Pomare

    To get the best Android experience you have to use the Google Pixel. The king of Android. The rest are just copycats who can’t make their own software. Yes I’m talking to you Samsung users. iPhone is the only phone to compete with my Pixel because at least they make their own software.

  4. Bhargav R

    Advantages and disadvantages of android and iPhone: (I only mention 6 of them)

    1. Has a lot of freedom
    2. Great for doing job work.
    3. Cheap price
    4. Lots of personalization
    5. Get a lot of things done
    6. Has more apps at play store

    1. Regular android phones are having bad graphics for gaming
    2. Some apps lag on regular android phone
    3. Not a lot features on other android phone: if google adds features to all android phones then it is great.
    4. Android Lolipop is having a lot of bad rating due to lack of speed
    5. Easy to hack android phones.
    6. Having weak security

    1. Great graphics for gaming
    2. Less viruses on iPhones
    3. Many camera capabilities.
    4. High security
    5. Very tough to hack iPhones
    6. Lagging is very rare

    1. Expensive
    2. Lacking freedom
    3. Not having a lot of personalization, you can only change the wallpaper.
    4. Siri is having some errors at the moment
    5. Crippled Notifications
    6. Not supporting other chargers

    After all these: I would recommend android for job work and iPhones for gaming. Both of them are nice. Btw i have iPhone 6s Plus. Like this if you are an iPhone user, comment if you have an android :).
    I personally recommend iOS because of security

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