Android vs iOS: Which spies on you more?

Which mobile operating system spies on you the most? Android or iOS? In other words: Does a Google-powered Android phone or an Apple iPhone spend more time collecting and sending details about you (location, etc.) to company servers?

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21 Replies to “Android vs iOS: Which spies on you more?”

  1. ABQ SKY

    Dude!!! Thank you so much for this video. Congress needs to see these stats! I've been an android user since Galaxy S. I will be moving to ios.

  2. Kory Michaels

    Advertisers have always been able to target users, as when people who sell high end cameras put ads in a photo enthusiast magazine. That's sufficient information for marketers to sell their wares. The aim of all of this detailed tracking is for marketers to exert greater control over what you buy. Joe make $80K a year, so he'll only see ads for their most expensive camera model while Peter, who only earns $25K year, will only see ads for their $29 plastic, entry-level camera. Janet, who earns $35K will see the same plastic camera shown to Peter, but she'll be show an price of $39, because the marketer has decided they're entitled to charge a higher wage earner more. As for tracking — I recently heard that a major credit card cancelled a cardholder's account because they didn't approve of the kinds of stores she was shopping in.

  3. ZelenoJabko

    Why do you think that number of requests accurately represents how much each spies on you? Simple batching of data and sending it all just once every day does not reduce spying.

  4. Zellonous

    What does Apple need to slll your data for? They already charge 4 times the price for an android and they get you in the bum with any repairs.

  5. Dr Val

    Sheer with apple is better. Having a Android you share data with Google Samsung. One plus lg etc plus apps. In my I phone I do not use apps sharing with Google. Like Dark weather, they sharing your contact number with Google. This is one example. I am mad ? because is pay app. My hobby is telecommunication. My first computer was in 1984 call spectrum working with magnetic tape. Privacy matter.

  6. Phoenix Rising

    Do you think this applies to other android devices as well, like tv boxes and other such things? I feel really weird to have any around and hate being pushed for so much information, google accounts, phone numbers. They want blood and urine to install Android and easily use it.

  7. Noobulon

    I think this shows that google is really inefficient with its data collection, its not like pinging a phone that isnt moving every 4 min is usefull information.

  8. J S

    If you install the disconnect firewall on a samsung s8, iirc, it will block a connection request to google every 2 minutes 24/7. I might be remembering it incorrectly, but it was uncomfortable to see the list of blocked events. edit: I'm using lineageOS and a different phone now

  9. YOGI

    I bet the multiple location request throughout the day has a lot to do with the accuracy of google maps that we all love especially when using the traffic feature

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