Android vs IOS, Widget Comparison!

Android has always offered widgets on their phones and IOS is just catching up. Widgets that you load on your home screen just became available in IOS with IOS 14. While both have a similar concept they do have some differences. Lets take a look at the video to see how they match up!

3 Replies to “Android vs IOS, Widget Comparison!”

  1. RacistPixel

    This video realy does not show key features of android widgets, why do you use this simple weather widget on android? Just show all the stock variants of it and even download one of milions from google play,show all the customization capabilities… Realy you shrinked what android offers to zero, idk if you newer use android and dont know how ot works or you dont want to show how generic is ios widgets :/ plus you use google pixel that is simplified android that is used for google services and comparing like it all android can offer.

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