Android vs iPhone: 8 Android Features I Lost By Switching To iPhone || Ryan David

Cell phones are either tools or toys.
Personally, I have always used my phone primarily as a tool in a way that best helps me be more productive and effective in my everyday life, both personally and professionally, as opposed to using it as a toy for entertainment.

5:07 – Indicator Light
5:55 – Scheduled Texts
6:28- Widgets
8:17 – Clipboard
9:27 – Autocorrect/Spellcheck
10:17 – Progress Bar
10:40 – Instagram Post Space (app issue)
11:52 – Photo Organization

This video is not a tech review in the sense of sharing or comparing specs about each device (such as camera quality, screen size, storage capacity, etc.). Rather, in this video, I wanted to share with you 8 practical features that I used as tools on my Android device that were helpful, but are not available on my new iPhone 7 Plus.

UPDATE: Thanks to the help of one of my viewers I was able to address the clipboard issue by downloading Swiftkey for iOS!

Be sure to watch the entire clip for my overall impression, you may be surprised!

Music: Sappheiros – Fragments

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43 Replies to “Android vs iPhone: 8 Android Features I Lost By Switching To iPhone || Ryan David”

  1. Ian Fish

    ryan you should try any android device that is not 4 years or more old. Is """"""SMOOTH""""""" worth 600 dollars???? maybe to you but certainly not to myself

  2. marco jacome

    I am considering making the switch to an iPhone 8, and I have to agree there are so many good features that the Samsung Android's have that iPhones can't replicate. Especially, when you are using your phone as a tool. The file organization/management and (easy) accessibility is something that I have to have. And another is the fact that the iPhone doesn't have widgets or customizable app organization which is such a turn-off. Really great content in this video for Andriod users who are looking to switch, thanks for the upload!

  3. Niki D

    very good video! i related a lot to what you said, especially with notification light, and widgets. but i do really get frusrated with user experience. i also thoroughly enjoyed your perspective in terms of productivity and acheieving certain outcomes. thanks dude! im a subscriber!

  4. Jaime Bautista

    Iphone is going to be great on 2050 when they get all The Android features as they are doing it right now I'm posting my video from a iPhone 4 to a samsung 10 ??
    Imagine if you get to use the galaxy 6 it will be like got the same technology and it's like 3 years old phone

  5. Hinuk Mattila

    4 minutes in the video so far, and i can say that those issues with bugs and slowness of android are from samsung's touchwitz ui skin that is on top of android.
    i had s1, s2, s3 and s5. s1 and s2 where great experiences and s3 was great until the 4.3 jellybean upgrade ruined it. s5 was a buggy and felt even slower than the s3 when i took it out of the box.
    however my current phone that is Nokia 8 128gb (2017 model) has been lightning fast and never has that stock android had any weird bugs on it.
    so most likely had you gone with android phone with stock android, you would have had much better overall experience with it.

  6. T. Coleman

    iNtro, annoying…and yes, iT is Rian's channel and RyEn's rulz and Rye will do whatever Rie wants — me too. RyZe hands down. Arrogance is not confidence

  7. KuttyJoe

    Windows 10 is just now getting the multi-clipboard, for the PC! Imagine that. This powerful feature has been on a phone for years and not even available on PCs. It is now though if you're using Windows 10.

  8. CHAVA 951

    I have a galaxy s8 and my phone has nvr lagged or froze ever have had it since it came out nd alot of my friends have iPhones nd are always asking me what kinda phone I have bcuz it looks sleek…now the iPhone 10xs max came out nd in wanna give it a try I know there cameras are amazing but I really hope i dont regret my desicion..another thing yes androids would always lag but now they gotten better nd better

  9. Wild Heart

    Thanks for a really balanced look at this! :O)
    I've used both Android and iOS and am currently on the latter. The big thing I miss is Swiftkey on Android, love the number row and the option of long pressing to bring up punctuation etc. Totally missing on the clunky keyboards you have to toggle through on an iPhone.
    Also, keyboards can be readily enlarged etc.
    However, so far as integration with a Car Stereo music wise, for me, there's no getting away from the fact that iPhones can be synced with iTunes and then my Car Stereo with ease, which, as a musician who has to do most of his vocal practice while driving is a must! ;O)
    I've yet to come across an Android phone with USB C that can do that with my particular Car Stereo. All I get is an error message and playing the loaded music via the headphone jack is a no, no! ;O)

  10. ugottaliketube

    LIKE HELLLLLOOOO !!!!! ……you talk about finally SMOOTH? well you can not compare your old android phone to the newest Apple.. of course its gonna be smoother… its alot faster .. try jumping to the latest Android and it will be SMOOTHER too.. and you will have your lost features…

  11. J Scott Upton

    I just bought a new Moto E5 Cruise (reboxed, no charger) for $39. It has a replaceable battery, 3 1/2" headphone jack port, SD card slot and will survive dropping much better than any new iphone.

  12. Simon

    you know what I´ll miss when going to an iphone?

    Decent OS
    Intuitive design
    Freedom of customisation
    Playing mp3 files
    Free app development options (android studio)
    my sanity
    Not requiring any programs to transfer files and manage my phone
    Downloading apps from the internet
    Not having to jump through 6 weird hoops just to get music from my phone to my pc or vice versa

    Apple does everything more complicated than it needs to be, it's for people who don't care about money (because they won't help you with a major problem, just buy a new one and restore from the cloud is what I've been told in slightly different words)

  13. Sana Ann Siby

    the spell check does suggest your most used words on the iphone after using the word really frequently even if its in another language, i used to type in hindi a lot and often used words always came as an option

  14. Soumith Voddepalli

    you should have gone for s8 and then compared it with iphone7, comparing s5 and iphone 7 🙁 . Ofcourse s5 is slow, laggy. your comparision is wrong.
    u think of only 8 things, but there are many things u dont get on iphone.
    sure u can get adjusted to IOS, but u lack the ability to control your phone, instead u just have to do things as your phone says to.
    Switching from one android to other Android is a breeze, but IOS to Android or Android to IOS takes time.
    u might be a kind of guy who doesn't like choices, thinks brand value is important, sees what's outside but not inside, doesnt like descision taking and needs someone to take your decision and curse yourself for others mistakes and compromise a lot and follow others like sheep etc…
    and tell me why u went for iphone 7 and not s8. YOU DIDNT TELL US WHY CHOOSE IPHONE7 OVER S8. now as u made choice and stop ranting . Its over just deal with low battery life, less custimizations, not so good camera etc…

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