Android Vs iPhone: Which is Better? (The Advantages of Both)

Who would win? Android or iPhone?
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The debate has been going on for ages, but which is truly better? iPhone or Android? Obviously, there is no clear cut answer, because there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Having used both types of phones for several years, I decided to compare the main advantages of each, and show why neither one is necessarily the best. Still, there are some BIG differences on both sides, that I think are ridiculous the other OS doesn’t have. These include the iPhone’s terrible notification system, and Android’s incredibly bad backup/restore system.



30 Replies to “Android Vs iPhone: Which is Better? (The Advantages of Both)”

  1. ThioJoe

    Today in the comments section: People who only watched the first half of the video, then start dribbling their onto the keyboard to leave a comment about how I'm biased towards iPhone

  2. Coffee and tea AJ

    Apples main focus is to get that sweet sweet cash, that makes the phones slow and not worth the money, making people keep upgrading and upgrading and upgrading. Their App Store is limited and slow and S U C K S. Androids main goal is yes, also to make money but they make sure to not slow down old phones cough cough and you can plainly see from buying a phone that it was made with care. AND they are cheaper. Their App Store is full of every app you can imagine and it's AWESOME! My sisters android phone legit came with YouTube Red for FREE (idk how I'm not saying every android phone has free yt red). Overall Android has many more plugins and everything and it's A M A Z I NGGGG (again this is MY opinion so y'all 11 yr olds you don't need to go into the comments like "YOU UH… ER P-POOP HEAD APPLES BETTER BC UHHHH ITS… MORE EXPENSIVE YOU…. U POOR MAN PSHHHH!!!" I have legit seen a comment like that. This is my opinion so don't go and fry that's you have a phone that 1 random person on yt hates.

  3. Matthew Milton

    If you have Google account it will back up your phone and password. I switched phones and never any issue on my Android phone with apps and contact or password from Google..

  4. Maria ER

    What kind of fairy-land Apple store were you dealing with? Apple's approach to everything seems to be: buy a new one. We have come thrice to the Apple store with an iPod with the same fault from manufacturing error and all they did was offer us a slight discount on a new one of the same model. Not to mention how they slow down their old phones and you're basically forced to update because even the simplest apps don't work on an old iOS. On android most apps are made to accommodate low-end devices and so work just fine when your phone is old. I can't even get the bus app on my iPhone.
    If you're a normal person with average income you should buy Android because Apple will just force you to fork over more and more money. It may have more intricate settings but it's not Linux, normal people shouldn't have a problem using it and they can at least get a model with a headphone jack.

  5. Kevin West

    You are incorrect about transferring EVERYTHING from Android to Android. Especially the Software being up to date. You just dont know what to do.
    Also, ANY carrier has an insurance company they go through. I have AT&T and they use "Asurion"
    They (overnight) send you a new phone in a reusable box with a return label. Even a new SIM card, just in case. You then have a whole 2 weeks to set up your new phone and drop the old one in the mail.

  6. ItsmeSmile

    iphones are just more easier. i want a phone that i can rely on, only good android phones like google and current samsung flagships can do that

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