Android Vs iPhone | Why iPhone is more secure ? | Dark Secret Of Updates

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Hello Friends
In this video, I will be comparing the security of iPhone and Android smartphones and we will find out how iPhones are more secure than android plus I will be sharing my personal experience with Android updates. You will understand why iPhone is more secure and problems with android smartphones although it totally depends on how you use your phone.


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28 Replies to “Android Vs iPhone | Why iPhone is more secure ? | Dark Secret Of Updates”

  1. Neman Imran

    Yas Mera phone slow ho giya hai
    Jab radmi not7 launch hawa
    Usti see philiye mera phone ko update aaya my mera phone ko update kiya tab se mera phone hang hora
    Our slow bhi huwa
    Mera phone ka Naam radmi 5a hai
    Our 4g VOLTE support Lera ni

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