Android Wear 2.0 Tips and Tricks: Better battery life

How to get better battery life with Android Wear 2.0. Our first Android Wear 2.0 tips and tricks guide focuses on battery life, and how to get longer between charges with your new Android Wear smartwatch.

We take a closer look at the display settings, connectivity settings and hidden features in Android Wear 2.0 which will help you to extend your battery life.

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23 Replies to “Android Wear 2.0 Tips and Tricks: Better battery life”

  1. Paul Lundström

    Do not buy a smartwatch until the battery life is really enough . If you have to turn off this and that… to get a longer battery life, then its noncense to buy a watch. Perhaps after one year we have a new generation batteries in watches.

  2. ComandanteJ

    All the haters in the comments are obvious trolls, or braindead. He's not telling you "do ALL OF THIS, ALL THE TIME". If you use the watch normally you probably only need to do a couple of these tricks to get by an entire day without issues. Personally, i always have my phone on me, so i disable all connectivity except bluetooth. I also disable "ok, google" because i never use it, and in case i need it, you can prompt it by pressing a phisical button on the watch for a second or so.

  3. Maxx D

    Turn off you watch and you can retain the battery charge for weeks… ohh and keep your phone handy in case u need to check the time, turn on the watch only when you need to show it off to your friends…

  4. Zawaprz

    I can only see turning off 'all the time' screen off, and possibly 'ok Google' and rather activate with pressing button 'search'. Rest is simply irrational. The whole point about having WiFi is that I can see notifications having my phone charging and off… and yet he's suggesting turning off WiFi… sure… very clever… I tell you even more: power down your smartwatch and just walk around with it (still mine drains battery, lol).

  5. roger sowers

    This watch in the power saving mode will still operate all functions of the pedometer….also even when turned Off…..all alarms you set will still operate…..this is something you can not do with the GEAR 2 watch….

  6. gary Toman

    Wtf is the point having a smart watch then, basically sell it and buy a watch, fucking useless that, I was hoping it would be a battery saving option without disabling every fucking setting.

  7. Zuryan

    Number 1 best tip to save battery life: Buy an automatic watch, it costs roughly the same as a smartwatch. it has the same functionality as a smartwatch with everything turned off and you will never have to worry about charging it again.

  8. Marcos Souza

    "tips" turn everything that gives it the kind of limited usefullness it has off and it should last 3 days doing jack shit and costing hundreds of dollars… Nice!

  9. DYNA Logix

    Are the new Huawei Watches so much weaker in terms of battery than the Huawei Watch 1? I mean my 18 month old HW1 does 35-40 hours on one charge. That's more than 1.5 days:
    I am using all the features: Always-On, Tilt-to-Wake, all Gestures, screen brightness max during the day, 1 during the night (the Bubble Cloud watch-face adjusts that for me automatically)
    The HW2 has a smaller screen and bigger battery. Plus it is running the final version of Android Wear 2.0 as opposed to the Developer Preview on my HW1. It should last at least 2 days if you use a battery efficient watch face (such as Bubble Clouds). I see no reason trying to limit my use of the watch to make it longer. I am perfectly okay to charge every morning (watch usually has over 50% when I put it on charger).

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