Android Wear for iOS

Google released Android Wear for iOS. Here is a demo of it in action.

Official Google Blog –

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47 Replies to “Android Wear for iOS”

  1. cameraman655

    While I am an Apple Sheep (since 1994), I frankly loathe the look of the Apple Watch and not at all opposed to looking at purchasing a Moto, Samsung or Fossil (as long as they interface with my iPhones). Suffice it to say, should Apple actually design a watch that actually looks like a watch (not holding my breath on this), well then……I' ll have return to the flock……."baaaaaa…"

  2. Victor Flores

    Great Video Daniel! I recently moved from Android to iPhone and with my Android I always had my LG Watch Urbane paired to it and now knowing it will work fine with my iPhone is great news!

  3. Xander Jon Siose

    Hello, Daniel. I want to buy a Moto 360 (1st gen) as my first smart watch. Do you think it is still worth it even if it is two years old? It is being sold cheap in Amazon now.

  4. Sooraj Ramachandran

    Hey there, will Whatsapp show the contents of a message in the notification (at least a snippet) or just who sent it without the contents? Really am not bothered about voice replies and stuff.

    Very nice review man!

  5. CyberFaction

    If you have an iPhone and want an option other than a apple watch, this app and Android wear works great! I personally own a 6S PLUS paired with an LG Urbane and I love them together

  6. BOB

    Everything works fine but i cant select third party Apps like shown in your "Android Wear" app. Can anyone help me?

  7. connor huckabay

    Extremely helpful!!! I have been searching everywhere for a video to help me understand to use my new ASUS Zenwatch 2 with my IPhone 6 and have had no success till watching this video and now I feel very comfortable in using it!… This was very informative and so freaking helpful!! Great job!! Thank you!!!!!!

  8. alex blanco

    Man I think out of all the wearables out there in the market Motorola got the design so right it looks stunning with that big circular face despite its shortcomings with iPhone I'm still getting one just because of the flawless design I don't understand why Apple is so stingy

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