Angela Merkel adresses fears of Huawei and Chinese espionage | DW News

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is wrapping up her two-day visit to Japan to promote a wide-ranging free trade agreement between the EU and Japan, that came into effect last week. On Tuesday she met with university students, stressing again the need for a new multilateral approach to global trade.Talking at Keio University, Merkel addressed the ongoing trade dispute between the US and China, saying that Germany and Japan would be the first to feel the fallout if Chinese consumption collapses due to the trade tensions. Asked about business relations with China and on-going conerns about data protection, Merkel also spoke about the role Chinese technology giant Huawei could play in the German telecommunication’s landscape.

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27 Replies to “Angela Merkel adresses fears of Huawei and Chinese espionage | DW News”

  1. Flying Banana

    Did she just say, Japan is the oldest Asian country/society? Lmao

    Did she just asked, “how close is Germany and Japan’s relationship?” The death of 70-80 million lives in WW2. That’s how close their relationship is.

    Prime example of bias news and dumb people.

  2. Michael Boylan

    AT 1,20 mins, there is visible TWO huge and weird tables in the studio, WHY are tables in European TV studios getting bigger and more weird ? In one English studio the table was so huge there wasnt room to sit around it,,,they had to stand, Can an EXPERT in European TV studio design explain,,what is it with the bloody tables ? My theory is all these tables are made in China and are actually huge Huawei intelligence devices

  3. Jennifer Wayans

    ❌ Huawei is not Safe To Use
    Angela Should be more
    Sensible about this.
    The REAL Question Angela should ask is if, there is an Urgent need to Use 5G, and the
    Answer is No

  4. Zhang Dayu

    As far as i know, the data access act of China only demand companies grant government access their database INSIDE China if warranted. And mind you, there're so many social experiments going on in China that even Chinese cannot possibly track, this tech, that policy can exist here, today, and out tomorrow. So, don't believe the sensationalism whatever media tells you. And reporters in China, plz, know your job, you maybe stationed elsewhere tomorrow, but how about know something about your job today, here?

  5. THL LI

    Google and Facebook could be beholden to NSA whose spying programs continue despite being blown out to the public by Mr. Snowden, the honorable whistle blower much respected by countries outside the US. But NSA has already upgraded their spying activities by going into US tech companies such as above and penalizing them with billions of dollars through innovative lawsuits whenever they could not do what it wanted them to do, and the fear is always there if they failed to comply with NSA. I am sure Germany and Japan know about the activities of NSA, but the countries might have got some strangle holds by the US that they cannot afford to let the public know.

  6. Chuan Hui

    All empty talks what is that to worry sign an agreement from now on no spying or else the company has to pay 100 billion us dollars . The problem is solved stupid world leaders.

  7. Bee be Cee

    Don't panic Angela Merkel.
    It is the Israel/US led 5eyes gangsterism spewing evil mantra about 5G just because their collective efforts have failed miserably to contain China's state of the art technology taking the world lead. Huawei 5G is the best thing since the internet, their technology is the best and the cheapest.
    China can do without the US and the lot because they already have the critical mass to go well beyond your wildest dreams.

  8. ToniSmack 009

    The USA is Threatening Nato Countries! And others so call Allies and they are so Afraid they complied…the USA is A Bully and A war criminal Nation for Sure

  9. OliveChap

    GERMANY & JAPAN has one more thing in common.. that is they are both good friends of INDIA.. & INDIA has pretty good brains working in NASA & many US based global companies..

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