Another BAD iOS 12 Passcode Bypass! 12.1/12.0.1 (Works on XS)

How To Bypass iOS 12 Passcode EASILY Into Photos & Send Them To Yourself!! iPhone XS & Below, iOS 12.1 & 12.0.1. Crazy Hack.

Another iOS 12 Bypass:
iOS 12 Crash Text Prank:

Source Video:

38 Replies to “Another BAD iOS 12 Passcode Bypass! 12.1/12.0.1 (Works on XS)”

  1. T Paul

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  2. Ethan

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  3. 巴里六一

    please do a video about iPhone XS earpiece not working issue since there are lots of people report their earpiece speaker is not working correctly when playing music or video. I hope your video could draw Apple’s attention of this problem

  4. Marco Deckel

    Seriously how bad are their implementations? They should implement the access of sensitive data to check if the phone is locked or not. It seems like their implementation solely relies on blocking access on GUI level… That's just embarrassingly weak…

  5. Sahil Shaikh

    Crazy how this bypasses work, Apple should work on deep level instead of just patching.. Kudos to Taxi boi..!! BTW EAP girlfriend and Number leaked..!! 😀

  6. Conor Furlong

    Why on earth would you share a video like this to your >6 million subscribers? It’s deeply irresponsible to be spreading this hack. Surely, the responsible thing to do is report it privately to Apple.

  7. Trevor Mangus

    PLEASE get apple to fix the screen flip in FaceTime. They screwed it up royally removing the ability to easily switch now it takes multiple steps and loss of video while switching ?????????? apple

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