Appium Python Tutorial- Android Studio Installation and Emulator setup

In this session, we cover Android studio installation, Emulator set up and some of the common troubleshooting tips

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  1. Himanshu Pandey

    For people downloading android studio in 2021, ADB.exe location has changed now in latest version(you won't see it in android studio folder), so to run ADB in command line, edit this path in environment variable C:UsersMICROSOFTAppDataLocalAndroidSdkplatform-tools(Here, instead of MICROSOFT it might be your system name or something similar path, need to find it on your own)

  2. Ravi

    I tried to install Android studio on my office PC. But it is not installing SDK. Error “SDK emulator directory” missing. I tried same on my personal PC at home and working perfectly fine. Can anyone help with this??

  3. Kevin Douglass

    If anyone is looking for SDK tools as of 4/30/2020 (date I am installing) – I found the SDK tools that everyone has been looking for. When you log in to Android Studio, go to SDK manager then Android SDK then click the tab "SDK tools".. At the bottom of the form there is a button to "hide obsolete packages" where "Android SDK tools (obsolete)" will present themselves for you to download and get all these same environment variables to add to your computer as #copeautomation is doing here. Good luck!

  4. Alejandro Suárez

    Man I love your tutorial, so far it's been really easy hahaha hope it keeps like that, I'm trying to follow your instructions both in windows and in Mac so far… no problems

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