Apple Better Step Up This Year | Galaxy Fold, Mate X, vs iPhone

The Samsung Galaxy Fold. The Huawei Mate X foldable. Android manufacturers are bringing out the big guns this year. Does Apple have an answer? Is the iPhone foldable on the way this year? It better be.
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42 Replies to “Apple Better Step Up This Year | Galaxy Fold, Mate X, vs iPhone”

  1. Chapo Guzman

    You were saying? Samsung is delaying their badly designed Galaxy Fold, probably till the end of the year or maybe even till next year! LOL. Not even 2 days and that shit started breaking. Yes, some by stupid user error, but other by normal use. I'm not waiting for an Apple foldable phone anytime soon either. Common sense will tell you anything you fold over and over again will break/tear sooner or later.

  2. Bryan9516

    Why Apple is getting stand behind Samsung? Because of you, you buy Apple whatever shit of phone Apple makes. They will never change because they know you will buy their product. Good mother ruins a Kid.

  3. Vitru Beats

    These foldable phones really don't impress me. It's a step forward surely in hardware but I don't see the added value like the original iPhone did compared to classic mobile phones. Even if Apple comes with a better foldable phone I don't see it becoming a gamechanger. It's boring already as it is. Think outside the box, create a new market already, augmented reality perhaps?

  4. Joshua Nierstheimer

    Dude like to point something out. Everybody has been saying Apple needs to step up there game since 2010. Yet they still continue to outsell Samsung in the US. 53 million vs Samsung 16 million. How many phones does Samsung release a year.

    So with that out of the way . I also think Samsung’s shot at Apples closed ecosystem was not only incorrect but desperate.

    First of all, in order to have an ecosystem with exclusives you have to have a closed ecosystem. iMessage would not work as well if it was on Android. Air Drop, would not nor would air pods. Apples closed ecosystem is why people buy Apple.

    2nd. Working with Spotify is going to be a mess. What happens with exclusives. What are you going to offer that Spotify does not already. Samsung would have more freedom designing there own music service and baking it into Samsung phones. Spotify would be toast.

    4. It is also because of that closed ecosystem that Apple can innovate. Look at the Apple Watch and AirPods.

    5. Last thing off topic but still. Apple is still innovative. Also telling them they need to step it up when they lead every Android manufacturer in unit sales is well stupid. Again Samsung the number one manufacturer of Android phones with all the models they come out with each year sells only 16 million vs 53. So I find your argument and Samsung’s flawed.

    Last thing, I love how Apple gets bashed for having a closed system. An open one like Android just recently got text messaging right. Took them nearly a decade. The open system can’t get the basics of software updates right. The open system needlessly has two kinds of every basic app and tons of bloatware. I can go on. So Samsung can say what it wants. It’s a distant second to Apple.

  5. StreetKing Productions

    As an IPhone XS Max owner, I can honestly say Samsung is ahead of the pack. While we’ve had foldable phones in the past this phone it going to make Apple start listening and stop giving us shit we didn’t ask for.

    Samsung- ask there fan base what they want
    Apple-tells there fan base what they want

  6. eastlondonhustler

    Ask yourself this, As long as Apple have an infinite supply of iSheep, camping outside their stores to pay twice the price for a shiny, overpriced , locked down and restricted device than their competitors devices, do they have an incentive to step up their game ?

  7. Foumet Sny

    The time iphone will come with an unfold laptop/phone, Huawei will have released it 3 year before them and
    Huawei will at that time releasing a transparent paper fold PC/Phone.?

  8. Marcus Gonzales Network. MGN

    am just loving u right now gahahahahahahahahahahahababababa my friend always refer me to your videos but now the tables have turned hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Samsung all the way my note 8 is still awesome. I really want the 10 but not with the 666 screen real talk they need to fix that!!!!!!

  9. Luke out

    Judging by past i think apple will just release another expensive piece of aluminium or glass with a gimmicky feature weve seen before but didnt want for a reason.

  10. avenuePad

    But "Android sucks". This video was so predictable. I called this out a year ago Thank god I stopped watching this guy. He's a poser.

    Ok. He really is awful. Dear god. I thought I was being harsh. I'll try again next year.

  11. Uchenna Agwu

    Lol, Apple isn't saving any big guns. They don't even have any. People are wiser and realizing they have always been cheated by Apple. Samsung and other good company's are making a trend.

  12. Michael Gaudette

    Apple is done for. They make quality products but they don’t price them competitively and often use unethical methods of nudging people towards buying new ones. The “Apple tax” was worth paying when they led the way with innovative products, but those days are gone. Consumers should let Apple know what happens when they take customers for granted.

  13. will yang

    There is no doubt in my mind that Huawei stolen their folding technology from Apple. Don’t ask me how. Just keep an eye on Fox News, they will inform us one day. Their folding technology is simply too advanced for them. It can only come from US or another western country.

  14. Lukas Petrovich

    Considering that the amount of time people were talking about Samsung foldable phone what they came up with in my opinion is Short of the hype. Ridiculously shaped front small display and huge corner cut after it’s opened? Huawei has came up with better presentation and xiaomi will probably blow everyone out of water.

  15. Heli City

    Painfully Honest, let me reduce your worry about Apple. For two huge reasons:
    1) Tim and The Donald have been talking. Donald will ban all smartphone brands for sales in the U.S.A. Except Apple. So there's nothing to worry. The Donald will also nationalize the entire telecom network systems in the U.S. so that China and Huawei cannot attack the U.S.
    2) Apple will enter a new business that will bring a super bright future. Apple, Inc. will become a finance company, a hedge fund, to be renamed Apple Bank. It will offer loans to buy its products and will make profit from that loan – just like GM & Ford finance companies. It will take its massive $100 billion of cash pile and will play investment games, just like Wall Street hedge funds. This is where the big money is, not stupid iPhone and iMac.

    Besides, once the mobile network is nationalized by the government, there is no need for smartphones anyway. America and Apple will indeed be great again.

  16. Karmesh Doorga

    Nokia used to be the King alongside the famous BlackBerry … iPhone came along and stole their thunder followed by Samsung a close second!! Sony and HTC have bowed out of the game leaving the field wide open for Huawei. I think smartphones are suffering the same fate as 'modern cars' … more or less the same shape but different engines and colours.
    We need something totally different, inspiring with that magical 'jaw dropping' feeling. Foldable smartphones are nothing but an expensive gimmick and the novelty will quickly wear off just like 'curve screen tv'.
    Apple products are overpriced however they do have that premium feel and their designs have inspired many hence hats off to them for being bold and creative.

  17. teeno7

    I got a feeling apple is going to bring out a watch/ar glasses ecosystem that makes all the simple stuff just work really well. Less picking up the phone. And competition will scramble to make something similar. They will leapfrog this foldable nonsense. The future is projected not foldable. Not for phones, maybe laptop screens will suceed being foldable. 28" laptop monitor in a 15" form factor… that would be sweet and possible.

  18. Akuto Sai

    Wow where do I start. As a huge Apple fan since the 3GS I have my last ever Apple device, my iPhone X. Apple are shameful now. I don’t care what Cook says about investing in tech for the future, they suck and sell suck for extortionate prices. The Fold beyond the folding screen is not innovative. The screen has a huge notch and there’s cameras everywhere. It’s small but bulky and what the hell is that tiny screen outside? Pitiful. The Mate X despite the price is insane and miles ahead of the competition. Apple are now so slow at getting tech out and are miles behind the competition. They’ve had their day and now it’s gone. Maybe it’s time for Apple to ‘Fold’.

  19. Raj Nair

    Went to a major telco today and the guy told me that iPhone is still the phone most people buy. I can't understand why. But I guess if people still buy it Apple can keep doing they bullshit they do. This was in Australia btw

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