Apple Carplay (iOS 13) Vs. NEW Android Auto!

I was finally able to get a phone good enough to try out Android Auto (Google Pixel 2 XL) and it did not disappoint. The new version looks much better than the previous and has a more phone oriented layout. I like the persistent bar at the bottom with easy controls for media and the google assistant is fantastic, especially compared with Siri. Unfortunately while there is a way to add or remove apps from the home screen, they cannot be arranged. So you cannot put an app in a spot where you want it to be.

Apple CarPlay got overhauled this year for iOS 13 and brought with it a new layout and it also is much better than before. They also came up with a dual view for maps and media, but only Apple Maps can use this integration. If you use Google Maps, you still have to switch between the maps and media. Siri now shows up overlaid on the app that is currently up so you can still see behind it. CarPlay does allow you to change the app layout in settings, however it is not as intuitive as it was before as now you arrange using a list versus before it gave you a preview of how it would look when it was arranged on the display.

Both of these are great and much improved over the previous versions. Both are fast, have great app integration and offer voice assistants and the ability to turn off notifications when driving. I do believe there are some improvements that can be made, but I’m sure both Apple and Google are working on that.

I can also do a comparison of the older versions if anyone is interested – let me know in the comments below.

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9 Replies to “Apple Carplay (iOS 13) Vs. NEW Android Auto!”

  1. drumdover

    One of my biggest issues with Android Auto is that my passenger cannot open google maps on my phone to get directions to a particular place. Instead they have to unplug the phone to open google maps, get the location, then plug in the cable again.

  2. Milo Persic

    Great video. I'm starting to see Apple Maps vehicles driving around in NC, looks like they're trying to give Google some competition. Interestingly, the Apple Maps car I saw wasn't just taking pictures, but had a TON of lidar equipment.

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