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  1. Lee Beck

    Great video. Thanks for taking the time to do it. First problem – I'm a 19 year old man living in a 73 year old body. Hearing the throb of that mustang makes me appreciate that I don't have a muscle car or motorcycle (both of which I used to own). I'd be dead by now. Something about that sound that activates the testosterone!!

    I have both apple and android and recently purchased a car (Buick) that reads both. I now see the differences and advantages of both.

    Thanks and stay safe.

  2. Joe

    Is it possible to use AndroidAuto via USB and have your iphone connected via bluetooth to receive calls? (looking for a way to use Google Maps but my SIM card is in my iphone) tks

  3. Stephen M

    omg! the album art on the carplay when playing music is a horrendous blur! As oppose to the Android auto which shows a clear and high quality image.

  4. Thailand Amulets

    Easier to just clip an ipad on the dashboard. And seeing as "apple radio" is now "apple music" … it means you have to pay to listen. Screw apple and spotify, radio was, and should always be free

  5. Buster

    Just got my car updated tonight from Version 1 to version 2.2, it only took Ford an extra 12 months to get this pushed to the 2016 cars. I was wondering how some of these features worked and as a predominate iPhone user I agree with you. I have an Android (Moto Z Force) as a secondary phone which is needed, and using it tonight was SOO much more enjoyable than Apple Car play. Siri struggled at times with simple commands where Android auto just flat out had zero problems. I love my iPhone for so many reasons but when it comes to the car… google gets it right. Your review was spot on. Thanks this was great and very helpful..

  6. Unadulterated Mischief

    Google Android auto > Apple carplay
    Google pixel XL > Apple iPhone 7+
    Google Pixel C > Apple iPad pro
    Android Wear watch > Apple watch
    Microsoft surface pro & Microsoft surface book > Apple MacBook pro
    Microsoft studio > Apple Mac

  7. Mickey Flowers

    Do you have Waze on your iPhone and does it show up on CarPlay? Based on what is on the internet, Apple hasn't given Waze the ability to be added. Thanks for the video!

  8. Vista Dashcam

    This was a really good comparison. Im looking at getting a 2016-2017 GT and wondered how the sync worked with android systems. Just a quick question, I noticed that you have the carbon fiber wrap on the interior. How is that holding up since you out it on and is it really durable as well? I want to have that look once i get a GT….Thanks!

  9. Fun With The Bugs

    Nice review man. Just got car with Android Auto built in and thought it was weird it kept changing my volume. Glad to at least see that's normal and supposed to do that.

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