Apple day: iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr and Watch | Engadget Today

As we all awake from the haze that follows an Apple event, we’ve collected together of all the major announcements, new products and conspicuously absent devices that came from 2018’s big iPhone briefing.

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47 Replies to “Apple day: iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr and Watch | Engadget Today”

  1. Rich Joe

    Does she only breath from her mouth? She took like 17 deep breathes before starting a sentence. Its was all I could pay attention too. I need a toll compilation of all those deep breathes she took…

  2. marie is gae

    I'm not even an Andriod fan…all the new iPhones after 6 literally include a bunch of unnecessary BS for just a god damn phone and are exaggeratedly overpriced. The shit most likely will break in like 3 years for me. Do people only buy this junk of a waste of money to show how rich they are orrr? Cause it's literally such an exaggeration. ? I really don't get it for the most part.

  3. SaimonSSL

    The new Apple phone better cost more then past phones. I don't want to buy a cheap phone. You know we Apple people are slave to the brand and want Apple to make trillions.

  4. Scythe X

    I tried out a Samsung for a month but u couldn’t even handle 2 weeks first it was laggy and also pop ups come up all the time on the home screen in my opinion I’m not using Samsung again

  5. Bob Crull

    Your whiney indifferent delivery isn't funny, or clever, it's annoying. Just give us an overview of the damn phones. Please save your attempts at acting for your next Hollywood audition.

  6. James English

    Some people really like to hate on Apple. I can see and appreciate both points of view but some people can come off as one sided and negative. I understand not being a fan of the brand but to go as far as hatred over something that doesn’t affect you just isn’t necessary. Some like Apple and some like Android and that’s ok. The world doesn’t need to have just one brand. It’s ok to love Android or Apple. Whatever brand you choose is your decision and the same goes for other people. No need to get worked up and try to object someone else’s preference. Both are amazing brands with beautiful phones ?

  7. ExposedCorn

    C’mon apple your not even trying anymore
    The biggest change was the XR being cheaper and the 5c aesthetic and the “liquid retina”

  8. Alexzander King

    Basically apple have run out of ideas ill stick with my iphone SE apple wants me to pay over a grand for 1.5 hours better battery life no thanks i like the duel sim idea but android phones have done this long time i want a phone that i can do a star wars style hologram thats what i want make that and ill buy it

  9. PrettySuccessful

    I’m sorry but they won’t be great until they bring the headphone jack back & add the finger print scanner again I won’t be upgrading to anything I’ll keep my 8+

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