Apple Foldable iPhone! Latest Apple Leaks!

Apple IS Working on an iPhone Fold! Folding iPhone Leaks & Concept, iOS 13 Leaks, A14 to be 5nm, Scary 4G/5G Flaw, Giveaway Winners & More Apple News!

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iOS 13 Concept:
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23 Replies to “Apple Foldable iPhone! Latest Apple Leaks!”

  1. Ryanishere

    People are stupid $2,000!!!! For a phone whyyyyyyy it’s not even good why we need a foldable phone when we have tablets and why do we need foldable tablets when we have laptops?

  2. Heath

    YAAAWWWWNN!!!! The minute Apple bring out a 90s style flip phone.. I am there!!!
    Where am I supposed to find the pocket space for one of these things?.. Maybe I should just buy a bib!
    This whole tablet flip phone demonstrates the limitations of nerds! Apple should contract an Italian design school for 3 months!!!!

  3. Joonie Army

    Idk why there is a war about Android vs apple I mean I love both, the only thing is when I had an Android it would get so glitchy and laggy and idk why,, at least iPhone doesn’t glitch near as often, I’ve had my problems with both but I don’t see a reason to get mad if one “steals” another idea I mean I like the idea of having multiple choices and different styles of one thing :/

  4. UnderTails

    It’s funny looking back on this seeing how for a brief period of time we thought foldable phones were the future then a few months later after the galaxy fold flopped nobody cares and we realize foldable phones aren’t the future.

  5. Howard Johnson

    I really don’t think having a “folding” device is a relevant thing. Why not just make different size devices? But super thin instead? Lol. The folding phone/tablet is too thick and once in a fold position, looks awkward with that hinge gap. I can’t see Cpt Kirk from Star Trek with a folding note tablet.

    If people want small devices, they got smartphones. If they want larger devices, we have tablets of varying sizes all the way up to 12” lol. Make phones better and make tablets better. That’s it. Don’t make them fold. Come on now. No point. Just gimmicky if you ask me. And more problems.

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