Apple IOS 12.1.1 Has A Huge Problem! Watch Before You Update (HD)

Apple has just released a new update, IOS 12.1.1 and it has a huge problem that would make this phone useless, lets find out what this problem is and what we can do to fix it.

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24 Replies to “Apple IOS 12.1.1 Has A Huge Problem! Watch Before You Update (HD)”

  1. sycam3472

    This morning I updated my iPhone. Didn’t think much of it. An hour later my brother who was 11miles away called to say He needed urgent help as a shed was on fire. He wanted me to get moving and call fire. I could hear people screaming in the background and people yelling. His phone dropped out. I quickly put some clothes on and ran out to my trail bike. Long story short I tried to call him back and that was the first time that I realised my phone wasn’t working. From then on the phone has not been functioning properly. The shed and everything in it was lost. Here’s the deal. Apple knew about this some time ago but left the update online. I’ve downloaded it and been unable to use my phone as a result. Basically, I am going to go mobile down to a couple of Apple stores over the next couple of nights. Apple will pay. One way or another.

  2. Alien LabRat

    The new update seems to be bugging out my ipad. Pretty sure it was the update, at least. My fudging volume will not stop turning itself up all the way to max. Haven’t update my phone yet, and i don’t intend to e^e” becuase wouldn’t you guess, the phone isn’t doing this same shit to me.

  3. Brandon Shira

    Updated my 6s and surely I have all the problems that you mentioned..
    can’t access my apps, mobile data is sorta not working.. can’t play songs on my Apple Music.. so yeah!

    Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  4. Juan Zapata

    My iphone was set up to update over nigth and i gueas it updated over nigth, i started having signal issues and have to turn in for service with apple

  5. Pombo Loko T.V

    I'm having random issues on xs max's battery. sometimes I touch the screen and it does not recognize, returning to normal after a few seconds. I've changed the cables, reconfigured, diagnosed, and nothing. provabel that is ios. Does anyone have this?

  6. Roy Eastham

    I have occasional issues with YouTube app even on WiFi but I just exit out and come back to the app. Apple really not doing well as they used to!

  7. studivan

    It was Forbes that was bragging a week before about the new features of 12.1.1 and advising everyone to upgrade to it, now they want credit for warning people about the data problem.

  8. sriharsha bandari

    My 7plus got messed up totally as u said ,unable to use apps like twitter etc,unable to open web pages and even the AppStore got uninstalled with a pop up message before the update started can u please help me out

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