Apple iOS vs Google Android – Which Is More Secure & Private (2016)

In this video we take a look at Google Android vs. Apple iOS to determine which company and device is most secure. From company policies through to EFF ratings and encryption we dive deep into the issue to find the best platform to keep you and your information safe.

15 Replies to “Apple iOS vs Google Android – Which Is More Secure & Private (2016)”

  1. molotuslyfe

    Thank you @DasGeek for taking the time to make such an informative video. This is exactly the kind of info I was searching. I'm getting ready to make a switch and I'm basing it upon which smartphone has the better security/privacy. ALL of these breaches, hacks, exposure etc is just ridiculous when it comes to paying $700-$1200 for a smartphone that can't be smart enough to keep my info or patterns from third parties. Google definitely exposes too much info! I'm getting away from even using their search engines. Thank you again and I hope you make more videos like this and other youtubers.??✔

  2. gcv980

    But apple uses Gmail which belongs to google. Of course you can choose other email accounts to set up but most are not very private other.

  3. gcv980

    Yes but there is a way to manually delete all google history ( for all time ) if you go into your google account. Whereas as far as I am aware manually delete SIRI history is quite difficult ( if you can do it at all )

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