Apple iPad Pro 12.9 vs Macbook Air 2018 Comparison Review!

Instead of a Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Review and a separate Macbook Air 2018 Review I thought I would do a iPad Pro 12.9 vs Macbook Air 2018 Comparison after 1 month of use. Thanks to LastPass for sponsoring this video! Check out LastPass here:

The iPad Pro 2018 brings both a 11″ and 12.9″ model with new design and powerful processor with Face ID and the Macbook Air 2018 brings Macbook Pro like design to the much loved 13.3″ Macbook Air. Full Macbook Air 2018 Review and iPad Pro 12.9 review coming soon!

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26 Replies to “Apple iPad Pro 12.9 vs Macbook Air 2018 Comparison Review!”

  1. GEN2-X

    Since IOS13 release that unleashes the ipad pro quite a bit so I'm going with the Ipad Pro 12.9"/1tb
    That with a Logitech keyboard and a mouse.

  2. Pompom Yourkey

    MacBook Air has more battery life and I could plug more stuff into it when I plug stuff into the iPad Pro it said: ThIs Device takes tO mUcH pOwER.
    And I could get steam on MacBook Air I could get windows on MacBook Air and I could do more stuff in MacBook Air than the iPad Pro.

  3. xCookieSlayer

    I've currently got the macbook pro 13" from 2017 and ive been contemplating replacing it with a ipad. I really stuck between the 11" and 12.9" size wize. I don't want the bigger one to feel clunky and out of place, but I also don't want the smaller one to be inaduquite for photo editing and media consumption due to the screen size

  4. su&fox

    Danny Winget Thank you! I have a Macbook Pro late 2011 and SO need to upgrade. 
    I don't understand the hardware benefits of either well and I haven't wanted/needed both. So this vid was so incredibly helpful. In the end I've decided on the Macbook Air for the percentage of professional work I'll use it for (ear phone jack a particular plus for Skype meetings in open-plan environments), together with streaming music and movies vs creativity. I'll continue to use my iPhone 7s for iBooks. And perhaps I'll consider an iPad down the track for creativity. But I'm content using old school lead and parchment/paint and canvas for creativity for now 😀

  5. alfie rumbolt

    I need help I have the option of an iPad Pro or Mac book air I need one of these devices for school work but also want to use it for more creative things too so what should I pick

  6. Ian Jones

    Be warned, the cases on the ipad pro 12.9 are VERY fragile. They will bend VERY easily and Apple are not interested in helping you if this happens. The wife was horrified that her 4 figure purchase would not be repaired after receiving no warning of the extreme care needed to avoid damage to it. Think twice or be very careful if you are considering one.

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