Apple iPhone 11 review

The Apple iPhone 11 is the cheapest of the three new iPhones but does that mean you are giving up a lot? Our full video review will highlight the tradeoffs in build and screen quality but you will also see that the battery life, performance, and camera image quality are all top-notch. Stick around till the end to see whether the iPhone 11 wil get our recommendation.

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38 Replies to “Apple iPhone 11 review”

  1. Benz Truck

    I’ve just got this phone and I want to warn any people new to iPhone or new to the 11 that this is not a great phone. I will add to this review with more detail but off the bat the ease of use is poor. The editing words is poor. I’m actually shocked at how low the ease of use quality is. It has no fingerprint sensor but the iPhone SE does? I just had the SE and tested it and it’s actually a lot better than this 11. I will add to this review accordingly.

    If you want to see all your open tabs you have to swipe up from the bottom of the phone yet the swiping success is EXTREMELY inconsistent. So you’ll be swiping and nothing happens. Who wants that? First impression this phone is genuinely bad. Don’t waste your time unless you want to jump on the iPhone bandwagon and be conned the living hell out of. This phone is hyped and is not a good quality phone. Sony Xperia or IPhone SE I know work more easily.

  2. Kal Ones

    Anyone here downloads movies in yts from their iphone. I was able to on my android and its the thing that i kinda miss now that i have ip11

  3. jheng Venusura

    Imagine the price is so expensive .them you only get the 5 wat .it take two hours to 100 percent. While my REDMONOTE 10 . So affordable price I get the 33 fast charger . I get 50 percent to one hundred percent in only 25 minutes .with super Amoled .you only buy the bra.d name of iphone ????

  4. Micheal jordan

    Whoever watching this, keep your Android. I bought the iPhone 11 128gb, and regret it. The camera is the only upgrade over my android. Everything is harder to get to, and the main thing being you can’t have YouTube run in the back… like the cheaper androids. Unless your really a tech person, people are just getting the iPhone cause of the name. Trying to be part of the trend. I instantly regretted buying my iPhone and it’s been 2 months, the androids are hands down an easier quicker phone to use for the simple things that I use my phone for.

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