Apple iPhone 8 Review

We’re going to be giving all of the Apple smartphones their due, but today we get things started on the ground level as we tear into the iPhone 8.

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25 Replies to “Apple iPhone 8 Review”

  1. lucas oliveira

    The speakers are just amazing on this darn thing too.>>> They are surprisingly bass heavy for being so small and are able to hit the mids and highs at high volume with exceptional fidelity. This became evident on the subway when the guy from the next car over came over and broke my nose after because I couldn't hear him telling me to turn the volume down.?

  2. S A

    Y’all really need to chill out with the rude comments. You don’t know he doesn’t brush his teeth, he could have been a smoker. And dental care isn’t exactly cheap. So unless you have flawless solid white teeth…don’t say anything about someone elses

  3. KoshiiLuck

    Y'all shut the fuck up about his teeth? This is an iPhone video, Not a lol make fun of this guy Because he has yellow teeth, I could not give a shit what colour his teeth is

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