Apple iPhone SE 2020 After 2 Months: I Regret Switching!

Here is my Apple iPhone SE 2020 Review after 2 months of daily use. I switched from my iPhone 11 Pro Max for 2 months to share my experience so think of this as a long term iPhone SE vs iPhone 11 Pro Max review. Included is a real life daily battery life breakdown and iphone se 2020 battery test.

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iPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone 8 Camera Comparison:

Doesn’t matter if you call it iPhone SE 2020 or iPhone SE 2 this $400 iphone is really great for the budget market. The iphone se vs iphone 11 debate is close because you can save so much money if you are willing to sacrifice one major thing. The one thing that made me regret switching. For more iphone se 2020 camera reviews and comparisons subscribe to the channel. Let me know what you think about the long term reviews!

This video was made in partnership with Spigen. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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20 Replies to “Apple iPhone SE 2020 After 2 Months: I Regret Switching!”

  1. Nuxter

    I think that if you're low on budget and you need to look for a value smartphone, iPhones are not the way to go… For just half the price you can get a really decent android phone with 6.67" screen, 5020mAh battery and a really proper quad lens camera.. if you want the best of the best, apple is the way to go but if you need anything below top spec or you're on a budget, android is so much better price-to-performance wise

  2. Sanspirela

    I will probably return my iPhone 12 and take the se instead. The se have lcd display that lasts so much longer than oled. This is why my old iPhone 5s is still working, if it was oled it would be dead

  3. kyootnshort

    This comparison feels ridiculous. You're really comparing the SE with the Pro Max? That's not the point of having this phone. Of course the Pro Max would be more powerful.

  4. Mister Methodoligy

    I got this phone has a gift for being sober for 130 days at the time, so far it’s been a great phone. Average about 6 hours to 7:42 was most I clocked it in a day, that’s not bad for moderate use. How much time are you getting on yours daily. Comment below

  5. guest user

    But the thing is, most people simply can't afford to shill out $1,100 for a new phone, especially not in these times.
    For people who don't want to spend 10 hours a day browsing social media and "just" need a phone for daily use that's light and small but fast and dependable and will last them for years, the SE is a great value.

  6. Erik Gonzalez

    I agree battery life is not great even if you throw some media or have the screen on for a normal work day of usage it dies fast. Lucky i picked up a iPhone 7 apple battery case at Best Buy for $50 brand new so it solved the issue where my battery now last all day with moderate usage.

  7. Akash Yadav

    1. It is tiny for a reason. To make sure user is not carrying a heavy glass slab everywhere.
    2. TouchID is far far better than seeing the phone, wait for it to unlock and then swipe up to get into. Missed Swipe means, do the ordeal again.
    3. I have a phone that has 4 cameras. I just use 1 and very rarely I use UW. The other 2 are just stupidly there and even if they weren't there, it would have made no difference. 1 camera, good pic, that's all I need.
    4. I mostly use Twitter and WhatsApp. No Youtubing on phone and definitely no Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat and all other social media. Do you think the battery will last a whole day that way?

  8. Volker Hett

    I just had my old 2016 iPhone SE refurbished after I broke the screen. It still does what I want from a phone. For my photography I use a 1960 Leica M2 with a 1958 retractable Summicron and a Contax G2 with a Planar most of the time. When I need digital I have a nice Sony with adaptors for my Zeiss and Leica lenses.
    In my car I have Apple car play.
    Then I have an iPad Pro and a Macbook Pro and a Mac Mini, too. For everything needing serious computing power there is a rack with HPE Servers at the office 😊
    I might switch to the new very small iPhone 12 when I see it, but it has to pass the shirt pocket test if not then the 2020 SE is for me. My next car has wireless charging and wireless air play, too. So this might be the reason to switch phones.

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