Apple iPhone SE vs $400 Android Smartphone

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27 Replies to “Apple iPhone SE vs $400 Android Smartphone”

  1. Chelsea Cheyenne639

    Got the LG stylo 6 for 135 at cricket I hate it.. Its really cute but sucks ass when you push her.. Smh laggy asf slow and the cameras are TRASH ON BABY 👶 its sad.. Im mad I bought it and the A51 was the same price.

  2. dennis dales

    The iPhone SE is a recycled iPhone 8 from four years ago with an updated chip. If Samsung put out a phone like that and charged $400 USD for it they would be laughed out of the industry.

  3. 968 GAMER

    Iphone se is made for people who doesn’t want to give up the touch id and design and wants more power
    Its for se old 6 6s 7 8 users
    People using x or xr can go for the 11

  4. Marcos Morales

    VIVO IQOO Z1: 340$. What you get? 8GB Ram, 128 RAM, 4.500 battery with 44 amp charger. Dual speaker. 144 hz screen. The list keeps going but that's enough to mention.

    STOP BUYING the iPhone SE. People, please, you're smarter than that.

  5. Deputy Ross

    I sold my xs… I bought a android.. 3 weeks later I was back to iOS. You can talk about hardware, but this all comes down to OS. Now put iOS into a Samsung phone…. lets go!!!

  6. FBH TV

    I've seen S20s for 400$ the new SE2 is just a iPhone 11 motherboard in a 8 and A Xr body so its really nothing then a bag of chips apple must think it's a gold bar😂

  7. muff patrol

    Hate to say it, but I don't spend that much time on my phone. It's literally just a little helper tool if I don't remmeber something correctly or cannot work out a large sum, or need to time something, or wake up early. I keep in contact with friends an family and I use it as an MP3 player when I exercise. I don't like these big planes of glass phones. I miss the Nokia 3310 days.

    The SE is perfect for me, cheap and cheerful without the frills.

  8. Ruslan

    iPhone SE in Singapore: 649.00 SGD RRP

    A51 in Singapore: 448.00 SGD RRP

    A71: Unavailable

    It should be noted that the a51 can be had at Lazada for 340 new, while the SE never goes below 640 new.

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