Apple iPhone VS Samsung Android!!! Which One is Better Android VS iPhone Memes

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For those who use iPhones…



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43 Replies to “Apple iPhone VS Samsung Android!!! Which One is Better Android VS iPhone Memes”

  1. Jetster360

    This one guy sent an image of a cartoon dino to samsung and saying that he had many Samsung products. The next day, he got a Galaxy S III (this was in 2011) with the back of the phone having the image of the cartoon dino painted on it.

  2. Just_ktrash UwU

    As an iPhone owner and lover, I am kinda embarrassed at their reasoning πŸ˜‚
    I honestly like both. Samsung is my second favorite but if I had to choose one for daily use it would definitely be an iPhone! And not only cuz of the design lol

  3. Aliefahh

    I've been using iPhone 6s since 2017, while my mom has changed her android phone twice. You spent a little money for android, but you need to spend again after 2 years. So i prefer iPhone, costs a lot but can be used for 4-5 years.

  4. Daniel Macallister

    iPhone user here πŸ˜‚
    I’ve been using galaxy note 10+ for while, it’s a great phone but I prefer iPhone cuz it helps me more especially with other apple products
    Btw my note10+’s screen died just by dropping it from like 0.4m with screen protector installed!

  5. Vjal

    I hate both apple and Samsung,. I used to be a Samsung fan boy until I bought s10 almost 2 years back with exynos version. The performance was really bad for a flagship and then came to know about how they intentionally gave inferior chips to Asia and Europe and superior Qualcomm to Korea and US. I became a Samsung hater since then. Felt cheated.

  6. NrSuhaa

    Apple they have their own apps .

    Iphone is more privacy. Using prevent us from virus or something

    Because they litteraly different

  7. Patrice Leray

    Actually, the you can work with the iphone storage. I mean, you can upgrade it. While for the android cameras… its actually getting better. So it really depends on us

  8. Patrice Leray

    I experienced both phones. Honestly, I love both of them. But, I can't deny that Iphone is really good. Androids are nice too, it just depends on our preferences.

  9. AndrΓ©s64B

    And why did they mention a Galaxy S4? And what about Google Pixel? I have the Pixel 4 XL and I love it. Have never had an Apple and have hated Samsung.

  10. Annalisa

    At least she admits she's completely utterly brainwashed she doesn't even understand all her points aren't actually positive points but just her trying to defend the Iphone's terrible qualities LOL.
    "There's no space" "I think it's cute" <- How does that even make sense LMFAOOO

    Meanwhile my brother, his GF, all my friends, can't even install a new app without deleting another app first and I'm here with my 250 euro Huawei and still have all the space in the world lol…

    I guess you will need to buy 3 iphones to be able to store all the thousands of photos and dozens of apps and games I store there… FOR free I mean, not paying the iCloud ripoff. LMAO πŸ˜€

    I can customize my phone however the hell I want to, I don't need apple's permission to install something if I want to πŸ™‚ But hey, if you want to own a limited and restricted expensive device, you can. It looks pretty maybe.. before it breaks or turns off after 10 minute cause no more battery LOL

  11. Roselynn Sudarsono

    My comment might sound biased but i never really like apple products in general. But everything has a pro-cons to it. Used a macbook before, though design wise it is much more sleek and performance wise for design and video program can be smoother but i always prefer to stick to windows based computer because way user friendly for me. Used an iPad & iPod too, but finds those too boring and flat after several months that i start neglecting it, eventually passes it to other people in my family who wants to use it.
    Same with iPhone. Sleek on the outside but too simple on the inside. You cant really play and customize how your phone works, it is by default that way. Albeit many apps you can find in appstore more than in playstore, but i still prefer my android.

    Fyi, i'm a samsung galaxy s20 ultra user same like the PD-nim! Been 3 months in, so far loving it πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  12. Mariel Recania

    All kinds of phones have special and unique functions though. But I really prefer samsung than Iphone because I don't know much about using iphone HAHAHAHA skl

  13. Will BBD

    bruh one have like a x and the other have a XR πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ at least own a 11 max pro to talk like that. Most flagshit Android is 1.5k +

  14. TerezZ

    Apple vs Samsung? Just get yourself a Xiaomi phone. It's cheaper but it's better than any other phones (at least according to me and my friends who has been using Xiaomi for years now, after trying Iphone, Samsung and Huawei). Xiaomi has big storage (you can choose up to 128GB of inner storage space), good battery (charged from 0 to 100% in about 30 minutes and lasts two days if you're not using it for games nonstop), good quality cameras (i mean, it's not like pro camera, but it's all HD if you can set it properly), fell on the floor/ground repeatedly and still looks like new, and you can have same phone for years because it's constantly being updated. I have mine for more than two years now and still feels like the day I bought it when using it. Highly recomend.

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