Apple iPhone XR: Unboxing & Review (All Colors!)

In-depth unboxing and review of the iPhone XR in all colors!

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  1. DetroitBORG

    Thanks for watching!
    A few items that didn't make the final cut:
    -iPhone XR also has landscape apps like the XS Max
    -The Liquid Retina Display is calibrated exactly like the OLED display on the XS and it's hard to tell them apart
    -I think iPhone XR is the perfect size, not too big or small

  2. Ayeisha White

    A solution to portrait mode needing a face to have the blurred affect is, that you could use Snapchat ??‍♀️(I know everyone doesn’t have Snapchat this is just a suggestion.) And I also love how you can change the depth of the blur in portrait mode.

  3. BHOCOLATE Bhip bookies

    Hmmm Ight say if u hav fortnite on ur old I phone and on the old iPhone you’ve been buying battle passes if u transfer it to the new XD will it transfer ur account and will it transfer every skin and log in as if you were logging in the old one cause I wanna trade in my 6 for an X-ray but I’m not sure if fortnite will transfer completely onto the new phone

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