Apple iPhone XR vs iPhone XS Max – Which big new iPhone should you buy?

At the launch, the iPhone XR was billed as the sort-of everyman’s iPhone X, being that it’s cheaper than both the flagship XS and XS Max. Like the Max though, it’s big, and features a lot of the same components and hardware. What’s more, it has that big expansive screen on the front. So the question is: Should you pay hundreds more to get the Max, or is the XR just fine?

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iPhone XS Max review:

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47 Replies to “Apple iPhone XR vs iPhone XS Max – Which big new iPhone should you buy?”

  1. mentallyillwhoree

    I got the iPhone XR and it’s ok, I got it today so ya know I don’t really know if it’s that good or bad ? (I got in the color black) and something I don’t really like about it is the fact that it’s kind of thick and like not as big as I expected :/ I mean I got some long ass fingers so maybe that’s why it’s smaller in my hand)

  2. lovelyrosebw

    I like big screens so that’s the only reason I want the Xs max, I don’t care about the features cause I don’t use most, hell I barely use Siri so all the “fancy” features are not needed so I wish apple would do a a cheaper 6.5” screen phone cause I’m just not trying to pay $1k+ for a phone whether it’s worth it or not and the Xs max definitely ain’t worth $1k+

  3. Envic

    The thing is that the xr is really worth it as it has some of the newest premium Apple features as it also has everything u need that the Xs max does as, the xr really does the job from writing emails to playing games and watching YouTube. If u have extra cash in ur wallet and just want a higher res and a larger screen then go for the xs max. Personally I prefer the xr. But They both are amazing phones.

    I hope this helped u guys decide ?

  4. Joel O’Gorman

    The XS max looks so much better but I feel like it would be too big and the regular XS is too small, I want the looks and functions of the XS max with the perfect 6.1” size of the XR… I have no idea which phone to get

  5. M O I S T I G U R L

    Is there anyway to get the max at the xr price???? I don’t really like the xr colors besides white and black but I don’t wanna give up my rose gold?? and I really love big phones and yea ik it’s not a huge difference but I want that xs max.

  6. ☁️?mel?☁️

    i just upgraded from my iPhone 8 Plus and got the pearl white iPhone XR today! but i noticed something while i was watching the video. when he turned the phones around backwards, the manufacturer’s info was on it, and i don’t have that on mine! is it supposed to be there? it’s not super important, but i was curious! besides that, this iPhone is absolutely stunning and i can’t wait to try it! ??☁️☁️??

  7. Kingslayer7

    I have watched alot of vids about this, but I am still kinda unsure… The Iphone xr seems fine but I am worried that I will have regret later that I didnt get the MAX… Apart from a slightly bigger screen, slightly better display and 3D touch, the XR seems almost identical. So I am asking myself… should I buy the XR and save a couple hundred or just get the max and get all the features possible… ? Or should I even wait a couple months for the Iphone 11? I am very confused, pls help. Great vid tho. thx!

  8. Paul Gonzales

    I own iPhone 7 Plus duel cameras in back and the iPhone XR only 1 camera seems like a downgrade so I just whent with the iPhone max no lie tho xr 1 camera is kinda sucky kinda blurry I own the new iPad Pro and was kinda bummed about it also haveing 1 camera it’s also kinda blurry unlike my iPhone 7 puls and iPhone max witch I never get blurry pics so I guess that’s where u lie at on buying the xr

  9. Joseph Michael

    I bought a XS Max 256gb with AppleCare plus for 875$ out the door.  The XR 128gb with AppleCare plus would cost me more.  I went with the Max.  Guess I made a bad decision……..

  10. Kpop Bri

    My real worry about the XR is how much smaller is it than the iPhone 7 Plus? Since I’ve got the 7 plus I can’t handle small phones

  11. Jonathan Riley

    Apple beats android any day. I love apple maps a lot more than google maps. GPS is a lot better on apple. Also I used android for years not realizing how slow it is to install/uninstall an app. iPhone downloads apps fast. And I really appreciate that all you have to do to remove an app is press and hold it, press X and you’re done. There are more steps on android to uninstall and app. Ugh. I love apple.

  12. Jonathan Riley

    I have the iPhone XR after much consideration at the T-Mobile store. I handled both phones and realized the XR was a better fit for me. The reason is it’s cheaper but has the same functions as the XS max. Yes the XR is smaller but not much enough to pay a few hundred dollars more for a slightly bigger XS max. I’ve been happy with my upgrade from iPhone 7 to iPhone XR. Hope that helps anyone in the Dilemma of choosing

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