Apple iPhone XR vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SpeedTest and Camera Comparison

APPLE IPHONE XR vs SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9 Speed Performance and Camera Quality Compare.
All apps we opens in this video are downloaded from
‘Apple Apps Store’
Subway Surfers
Temple Run 2
Clash of Clans
Sonic Dash Boom 2
Smash Hit
Dead Trigger 2

20 Replies to “Apple iPhone XR vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SpeedTest and Camera Comparison”

  1. Виктор Верхейден

    Whatever this comparison, i sold my iPhone xr to get note 9 512 gb, whatever you said dude i love my device now, i can costumization, i cant root anytime , i can downgraded anytime, and without notch screen,and custom my os whatever i like……. im ios user before this anyway…..

  2. Mzwandile Harmans

    It depends on what is important to you: I will break it down:

    Note9: Pros: Nice big screen, s pen, zoom camera, better low light cam, personalization, more unlock options (not secure as Apples 3D face ID)

    Cons: depreciates badly, poor resale value, lacks software updates down the line, perfomance quickly dies with time.

    XR: Pros: battery life, powerful engine, best software updates on any smartphone, depreciate less, great resale value, great single cam, better video cam, better day light cam, best selfie potraits, 3D face ID (more secure)

    Cons: LCD screen, less personalization, no portraits for objects

    I can not stand the Cons of the Note9 they are just so MAJOR. I prefer XR

  3. Fairplay

    For god sakes, I'm sick and tired of how phones are getting so huge.I need a Note device with the stylus but they are getting too big and doesn't fit my pocket anymore. Samsung needs to come up with a smaller model like a Samsung Note 9S or something. fk this im out lol

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