Apple iPhone XS – A Ruthless Review

Is the new iPhone XS worth it? Find out the truth!

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This year, Apple released 3 new models of iPhone. The iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR. This review focuses on the XS, and discusses everything about it that is awesome, terrible, and anything in between. There are definitely some great features in this phone, and some that I think are a step backward. But in any case, it might still be a good upgrade if you have an older iPhone.

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28 Replies to “Apple iPhone XS – A Ruthless Review”

  1. First Name Last Name

    I just got my xs max and I just discovered a problem regarding it’s audio. Whenever I try to make a call or receive one (audio or video), with my earphones CONNECTED, the audio sounds from the phone’s speakers and NOT on the earphones.

    Anyone else having the same problem? Anyone know how to fix this?

  2. Jason DiLaurentis

    I'd rather have it not show the battery indicator at all on the screen. I love that that when pulls down I can see the battery percentage. I don't like to worry about how fast my battery is draining. It's a habit from using Android half my life. Now, I don't need battery indicator thanks to the XR's battery life.

  3. Jesse Hernandez

    If you’re on your phone from the minute it’s at 100% battery to the point where it’s dead and you start complaining about the battery life,,,, you have some serious personal issues ?
    And if you’re complaining about the xs max being too big, just as a reminder. That’s why they’re made for men ???

  4. Katsumi Hayashi

    Hi anyone who read this.. I'm a broke college student. A few days ago my phone cracked and was dead. ( lasted 1year3months )I can't turn it on.. I need $990 to get a new phone and I'll pay you back once I get a part time job and save up. Please give me your email and bank acc details so that I can pay you back.  This is not a scam and is urgent. I'll give you my bank account details once we chat via email. Thank you.

  5. x- shift893

    Thank you for calling them put on the fast charger part. That shit pissed
    me off too. I used to upgrade every year but I think I’ll be holding on to the max for a while now.

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