Apple iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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45 Replies to “Apple iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9”

  1. alak58

    I have the iPhone Xs max and the thing is a fucking waste of size,money and processor's so basic and primitive,just large like a brick.with Note 9 you get the S-Pen and stylus function so large size is actually usable.

  2. EpicConspiracy

    i used the note 9 for the last 6 months, switched back to iphone today getting the Xs Max, The note was a good phone but the operating system just sucks on the note, IOS is so much sleeker and better

  3. Zim Zeno

    I hate the Iphone big time with the ugly notch, camera bump and very expensive compared to samsung is worth buying with s-pen and One-Handed mode, dual speaker, dolby atmos dual camera with slo-mo, no bump, bigger screen, Edge screen, brightness 1200 nits, AOD- always on display, Picture in Picture, 3 biometric, no notch blocking the beautiful oled screen, Super Amoled WQHD 2960×1440 screen resolution, up to 512g extra storage, multi display window, Liquid Cooling, live wallpaper, Customization, bigger battery, 6 or 8 bigger ram, head phone jack, fast charger and headphone included in the box, can also use VR and Samsung Dex Station, now tell me what does Iphone have to make me want to buy Iphone. Iphone is using Samsung Oled screen, Its true Iphone is boring why should i waste my money for boring phone. Think about it what do you do with the phone for a second, minute and hour, stare at it, what do you like to see on the phone, for $1500. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been reviewed on Consumer Reports, they have outed the iPhone XS Max review as well and as expected the Galaxy Note 9 retains its number one spot. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone XS Max rivalry ends with the Note 9 taking the win, at least on Consumer Reports' website.

  4. Rubelius Ashton

    I used Note 8 and I liked everything about it such as :
    – S pen
    – Split screen
    – G maps which doesn't go away when someone calls me
    – More free apps
    – Easy to connect to any PC
    – Can be customized

    But I hated the following:
    – ADs
    – Battery drains like hell!
    – Apps are not as sharp and detailed as iPhone apps.
    – the performance slows down ltl bt.
    – face recognition is still primitive.
    – not easy holding on hand (slips).

    I'll wait Note 10 so let's see.

  5. Trev Or

    Iphone xs max literally has the same icons and look as the 1st gen iPhone released 12 years ago!!!… It looks exactly the same.. it's like a child's phone to me and there's nothing you can do on an iPhone they are so boring..everyone I see with an iPhone only uses the Facebook app and takes selfies cuz they are lame af and children… its like comparing a nice laptop with tons of features, customization and things to do with a phone filled with candy lol that happens to cost $1200.. that comes with a 5w charger that takes 3 and a half hours to charge your phone ?? what a joke…

  6. Eric Soto

    I picked up on the note 9 AT&t carrier. 512gb black phone. Updated it to Android pie. I'm very happy 🙂 but man it cost a lot of money. I upgraded from the note 8.. I paid for both phones fully out. Never owned a iPhone. But I would like to try the iPhone. But I'm not leaving Android.

  7. Chino Black

    Apple better phone 6.5 OLED display Stereo speakers better looking phone just awesome Apple don’t use the headphone because it’s old technology I can’t wait till Samsung gets rid of it A12 Bionic Chip

  8. Ding Joson

    Need your help in buying a new phone. I'm torn between note9 and xs. The price of the iphone is just way too high and I've been an android user ever since. I do have a MacBook pro and iPad air. i think this is the best time to get an iPhone but I'm not sure about the price and how it performs. Pls help planning to buy this week. Thanks in advance

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