Apple iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S10+

Samsung versus Apple, it’s a battle that’s raged in the pit of smartphone world for the past ten years, but this year we wanted to revisit it.

They’re the two big flagships on offer this year, until September when Apple launches the next one. So.. how do they compare?

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8 Replies to “Apple iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S10+”

  1. pam oakes

    iPhone is last years flagship and the S10 is this years flagship so not really a fair comparison. Once invested in the Apple ecosystem it is very hard to leave. Everything just works so well together so I don’t see myself leaving. I have used the S10+ and I don’t feel it is as fluid as the XS Max. Especially in the app switcher. I also love Apple’s beta program and software is important to me.

  2. Rob M

    I am currently using both one is a personal phone yes 10 plus is my work phone and to be honest I keep picking up my S10 plus it is just a delight to use it is very fast fluid does not stutter or lag like previous devices does so much customization I can't even begin to list it all here I think they're truly caught up to Apple I think iMessage and the ecosystem are the only things of a value in iOS anymore

  3. Tom Kendzierski

    I have a s9 Galaxy nice phone..However, I dont like to swipe the answer button on my phone. I want to just tap the button to answer and hang up peroid. It use to let me do that until one of there updates took it away.

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