Apple Makes Fun Of Android #3

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25 Replies to “Apple Makes Fun Of Android #3”

  1. pUpPy FACE

    People should not hate on apple users or hate on android users it’s the way they like it if they like that then they have it but if you don’t like what they like then don’t hate on them

  2. Josh Ward

    I cant tell if its comparing the phones or the operating systems. Obviously things like the UI are down to personal preference, but comparing the performance is edging more onto the hardware side of things, something Apple should never do considering the embarrassing specs of literally any Apple device, I mean look at Macs ffs. But what makes a phone better than another is what you get for your money, it helps if you have basic understanding of how branding works (this is where Apple fans fail) because the majority of the price of an Iphone, or even a Samsung as they've grown over the years, goes towards the brand. The bragging right of having a picture of the Apple logo on your phone, costs way more than your actual phone and this is only true for the massive brands, whereas smaller brands kinda have to charge you a much more reasonable price or else they wont make big sales. Take a Huawei Honor 8x for example, it costs like $250 and could fairly easily beat an Iphone X in almost every aspect. Yet, besides all this, Apple continue to grow as a result of people having more money than brain cells and would buy any old shit Apple offer them (probably even literal shit)

  3. HBR

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