Apple March 25th Event & iOS 12.2 Beta 5 Review!

Apple March 25th Event is Official! What To Expect + iOS 12.2 Beta 5 Review. AirPower, AirPods Wireless, New iPads & AirPods 2?

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USB Killer vs Tesla & Galaxy S10.

9to5Macs Article.

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29 Replies to “Apple March 25th Event & iOS 12.2 Beta 5 Review!”

  1. Nuwan Sanjeewa

    Hey. There is a bug in the new update 12.2. After taking a portrait photo and once you try to edit it, it will make the phone crash. Exit from the camera app.

  2. Adam V.

    100% the streaming service, “it’s SHOW time” like they’re clearly referring to it… I’m actually kinda intrigued since they’re getting a lot of big networks & A-list celebs on their docket, hopefully it’s worth it! I would definitely spend $ on it if they have some things the other services don’t, but I’m nervous because Hulu I & Netflix seem to have almost everything..

  3. Big Fred

    I think Dark Mode will be coming earlier than iOS 13. The black background on the, “ it’s showtime " logo….yea…. can’t wait!

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