Apple Music Vs Google Music For Android!

So I was interested in trying Apple Music for Android and comparing it with Google Music.

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18 Replies to “Apple Music Vs Google Music For Android!”

  1. Hritik Ghatge

    I've used both
    Apple music was a bit buggy when it started ( obvious ) but now is perfect and much more Better than Google play music.
    Google play music's subscription also gives a YouTube red subscription too….but not in my country .
    so I chose Apple Music.
    in terms of quality , availability , etc apple music is just awesome.

  2. El Chompiras

    If you're strictly an android person, my suggestion will be google play(plus youtube red included). But if you own both iOS and android devices, my advice will be sign up for both(if you haven't) and try out the free trials.

  3. Josh Farley

    Apple Music doesn't have a free version Spotify has a free version so to me that makes Spotify way better than Apple Music sure with the free version of Spotify you won't get 320kbps sound quality but you can get 160kbps on the free version on mobile phones which is actually pretty good sound quality also some people might complain about the Spotify free version on mobile only allowing you to shuffle play but there's a trick around that what I do is make playlist's of all my favorite music artists such as AC/DC and put only the songs I want to hear from AC/DC in it then when I shuffle play it plays only the songs I want to hear from AC/DC and I do that for all my favorite music artists and sometimes a suggested song will play that's not in your playlist but then you can just use some of your 7 skips that you get per hour to skip until it starts playing the songs from your playlist again.

  4. Jen

    I have iTunes on my compute and at the moment I own a Galaxy S5. I'm trying to decide which phone I should get next. The iPhone 7 or the Galaxy 7. I would like to stay with Android because I like the widgets and such, but I'm trying to figure out an easy way to put my music on my phone. I have over 6,000 songs so I don't really just want to dump all that music mixed together onto my phone. I still want there to be albums and such. I'm trying to figure out if there is anything out there that is like iTunes for the Droid. Any advice?

  5. William Finn

    thanks for the video. im a huge google music fan. I've had it for over a year and can't imagine life without the subscription. due to the note 7
    issue I've decided to change to an iPhone. I'm up in the air on whether I want to switch to Apple music, but I'm going to try to stick with Google music on the iPhone. how do you think that's gonna go for me?

  6. Eddiepsp

    There is nothing wrong with copying other ideas from your competitors as long as you can copy but expand something better than the other company. It usually how it works. So what do you think of Spotify?

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