Apple Pencil 2 vs Samsung S Pen – Which One is The Tablet Stylus for You?

apple pencil 2 vs samsung s pen
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In this video I compare the infamous Apple Pencil 2 vs Samsung S pen.
This apple pencil is the second generation apple has put out in the market and is Apple most modern and most advanced stylus.
The Galaxy Tab S7/7+ S Pen is Samsung most advanced and most modern stylus also. I briefly go over what it has been like using both the apple pencil 2 with the ipad air 4 versus using the Samsung S Pen with the Galaxy Tab S7

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Tab S7/S7+:

37 Replies to “Apple Pencil 2 vs Samsung S Pen – Which One is The Tablet Stylus for You?”

  1. IK

    Why just eco-system when concluding about apple penci.. it has better build, its far better for sketching, drawing and shading.
    PS… i am a Samsung note user from last 6 years.

  2. Daniela Rodiguez

    Can you use like the Samsung phone and the Samsung pen?Like can you use the Samsung pen to draw on your Samsung phone or does the Samsung pen only work on the Samsung tablet?

  3. S R T

    S pen is way better to write something.It feels like you r using a pen with soft nib. Now i almost regret of getting a apple pencil. it may be great for drawing( which is not for me) but for writing,it is not amywhere close to S-pen. Thanks for your great vid.

  4. moreserotoninplz

    I have Note 20 Ultra and an iPad Pro 11” with Apple Pencil, and I like the features of the S Pen a lot more. One feature I really miss when using my iPad is smart select. I always copy text from images on my Note, and I was pretty let down by the Apple Pencil not having a similar feature.

  5. Nabib Ahamed

    I think I am not a professional . I don't know how it feels to the professonals who have actually use of it ! But if you want to know my personal opinion I think spen is relatively better in compare to apple pencil !

  6. Laurie Alach

    Ivan, I generally enjoy your videos and find them fairly illuminating.  However, this here is a pretty perfunctory look at Apple Pencil v Samsung S-pen scenario. You seem to have a fairly limited knowledge of s-pens, despite claiming their use since the Note 2 phone in 2012. There are several anomalies in your presentation, as well as some pretty serious omissions. 

    Firstly, unlike Surface pens, all s-pens are cheap little pieces of plastic, of varying shapes and sizes. Some are a lot more refined-looking than others, some have clicky buttons, some are shiny and colourful. To state that the Note 10 pen is built like a tank is utter nonsense. You are obviously not going to break yours in two to prove me right or wrong. Believe me, it is just as fragile as any other S-pen. It only looks like it is made of metal. It is in the internals of the S-pen where the magic happens, facilitated by the software accompanying your phone or tablet.

    Secondly, I cannot fathom the omission of the first generation of Apple pencil from this discussion. The second generation device is only compatible with iPad Pro 2018 onwards and the 2021 IPad Air. All other iPad models (and there are lots of them) are confined to gen 1. Yet, no mention of the poorly designed first generation device.

    Thirdly, there is absolutely no mention of what I feel is the engine room of all s-pens, and that is the Air Command menu system (not to be confused with gestures). This small gem gives the Samsung devices functionality that Apple users can only dream about. Then there is the remote control capability in some Bluetooth s-pens.

    You do a wonderful job, Ivan, of promoting the values of the Samsung range of premium devices, and the S-pen itself. But you need to do a little more homework, so that the viewer can get a truer appreciation of the superiority of an S-pen over the Apple pencil. After all, it's the S-PEN that makes a Note a Note, and a Tab S7+ a Tab S7+.

  7. Ronald Buskens

    Hi Ivan, I just got myself an iPad Air and the Apple Pencil 2, but I'm a little bit disappointed, because when I write/take notes it often happens that the end of a line I write/draw retracts a bit. So the line pulls back every so slightly. Is this normal? I'm wondering if you've noticed this too? Thanks!

  8. Alican Kutlu

    S-pen can do it since 2015 in a more precise meaner. S-pen convert your handwrite letter by letter. Apple pen makes it word by word. The result: S-pen can convert in all languages :)))))))) Apple Pencil limited by supported languages. You have a pencil and you cannot write in your mother tongue. This is a real innovation :)))))))))))

  9. Alexis

    I have the tab s7 with s pen, but the tip of the s pen wears out really quickly, and you don't have any indications where you can find new ones.

  10. C2tha J2tha

    Great job comparing the Apple Pencil experience and the S Pen experience! Especially when you mentioned how to choose which tablet based on their companion stylus. I would like to know more about the difference in their artistic capabilities, but that's fine.

  11. S.

    How do you deal with the eye strain due to iPad?
    Night shift isn't as effective as android's bluelight filter and my eyes are hurting :((

  12. Baha2 haha

    s pen is coming out of the box. moreover, it's only 40 dollars at amazon if it's lost. For me, I'm going to switch to Samsung when my surface pro gives Up hope they improve their os. Competition is a good thing to have.

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