APPLE vs. ANDROID – Debate Your Fate

Sam Schacher and Sean Klitzner debate this hot topic. Who won? Comment below with #TeamSam or #TeamSean and come back Friday to see the LOSER spin the Wheel of Fate!

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Sean Klitzner—
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VP Digital Programming:Jonathan Small
Director: Alex Chu
Producer / Host: Sean Klitzner
Producer / Host: Samantha Schacher
Line Producer: Jim Stoddard
Editor: Alex Chu

34 Replies to “APPLE vs. ANDROID – Debate Your Fate”

  1. Matthew McLearie

    more apps on google play then app store, most android phones have flashlights, who uses iTunes when spotify and other apps are far superior. all of her points were invalid take your power bank using ass out of here

  2. illegle cat

    Android has more apps and she lies about how apples better the Android she has is more Superior unless it's like $150 which he's right because I've been selfish talk about over pricing

  3. The FBI

    actually android got better over the years the iphone xpensive and the s8 oreo are on par on usage but if you look at the benchmarks apple iphone has larger numbers but numbers aren't everything yeah the ram management is pretty bad but samsung has a audio jack and some devices even from 2014 will get oreo like the note 5 s6 s6 edge etc

  4. Jevon Jackson

    Android vs IPhone really? Did Android remember to bring extra diapers for IPhone. Come on iPhone just curl up in a ball and 😭 like a 🍼. # Android for life.

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