Apple Vs Android: The Statistics Are Wrong

There are some apple vs Android statistics that I find…questionable. Particularly the one about rich people using iOS more than Android, Oh, and Cody successfully rides the ripstik for a bit, lol.

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43 Replies to “Apple Vs Android: The Statistics Are Wrong”

  1. Shock -

    Apple is like the noob device, for people who don't know tech and just follow others. But Android is the educated version wit slightly less simple menus and more customization options with more brands and styles for cheaper.

  2. Collin S

    People who own apple products are brainwashed. They think their getting the best while android is. I had a iPhone 8 Plus and I had friends and all of that. But oh boy when I got that new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus I got shit on. Saying I was better off with apple and that it's a cheap ass phone which it was $1200. They say I'm poor, they tease me all the time, saying they hate green bubbles and they say shit like "Do you have a virus", "Your phone is shit" and they have an iPhone 6 with cracked screens. I told them about power share and he's likes do it on my phone. He had a 6s and I told him "it wont work". He said yeah because its shit. I told him no because it doesn't have wireless charging. I tell them the truth and they disagree. THEY THINK THEIR IPHONE 6 IS BETTER THAN MY SAMSUNG. I laugh when I see people with iPhones and battery packs on their phones. Android for life now.

  3. SirtubalotTX

    I know quite a few engineers and they all have Android sans one.

    So I guess only people with useless degrees have iPhones?

    There are lies, damned lies.. And then statistics.

  4. El Spicy Dragon

    I was watch a old video and the question you asked about if iOS could do what android would it run as good and the answer maybe no because me and the cell cell repair place I work did a experiment by wipe the iso system from a iPhone and installing android 8.1 stock Android basic functions work but but any of the more advanced Android stuff like multitasking even using Google Assistant seem to be lagging like seems like apple Hardware was the issue because we tried this on two separate iPhones an older iPhone 7 and a brand new iPhone x max and it's supposed to be the best iPhone possible so it shouldn't have issues running Android software but shockingly the seven was a tad bit better the new one don't know specifically what causes it but yes iPhone could run Android but it would run it like a $200 $300 Android phone versus the premium price asked for there's a reason why iOS is better Bond because it couldn't run anything else better so hopefully this helps you out with the explanation of why Android can do more iPhone does what it does well but there's a reason why iPhones have really never changed over years because they can't they can't really do what an Android phone does by the way love you Channel keep making videos for everyone don't worry about the haters cuz I usually don't do the research nor take the time to care before they comment have a good one

  5. Anu

    i respect premium products Like Rolex but they justify their hefty price tag unlike apple which does not give you anythng for the hefty price charge.

  6. lightningboltz333

    Yes, but you can't have this conversation about Apple selling "premium" devices (at least not with intellectual honesty) unless you are honest about their build. Literally until the iPhone X, their products have been mostly comprised of OLD technology like LCD screens, and far less ram and smaller memory and on and on… all of which is CHEAPER to manufacture. (…and it continues. They just have a subpar OLED option now)
    Apple sheep balk about the android crowd's rhetoric over specs, but Apple is charging a PREMIUM price and delivering mediocre hardware at best. (That said, I'll give them props on staying ahead with their processors, but they're behind in literally everything else). Apple is good with their processor technology and good with software optimization… imagine what their product would be like if they gave you the premium product on ALL fronts that you're ALREADY paying for. …and before you isheep run to Apple's defense, this wouldn't even be a discussion if you all would demand a top product for your top dollar. They never have to raise the bar (much) because you all run to go buy whatever crap they pump out. You as consumers have no standards and Apple as an unscrupulous benefactor has no problem meeting you right down there where you are to vacuum up your hard earned dollars.

  7. Magic Lion Mike

    I have seen Apple Users Bash me I can afford an IPhone if I wanted to But I like Samsung, but I am a peace keeper I tell them even if I can afford iphoness I would just tell them it comes down to Preference don't make fun of Other people for liking what they Like.

  8. Ashen Gamage

    I a gonna buy a Huawei mate 20 pro that price as same as the j phone X am I still cheap please understand Apple isn't only the company that marks premium prod7cts and not everyone who owns an Apple phone rich

  9. Mike G

    I can afford to buy the next best thing from apple but I chose not to. I dont want to get ripped off. When something goes wrong with thier products it's the users fault. Ur wifi is dropping your holding it wrong. Other than that I want options, features and customization not the same old boring plain looking os. I really try to justify thier prices for such a premium product but just cant. When apple finally came out with wireless/fast charging they call it innovative when it was already out for like 5 years lol and you have to pay like 70 bucks for the fast charger lol, I mean they aren't doing anything new. The only thing they started was that ugly ass notch

  10. Belinda Ginete

    Samsung is not cheap. They'd been producing high quality products for years. They just release entry level to midrange phones to accommodate all types of consumers. Not all consumers are on that high bracket you know.

  11. V Guerrilla

    I am in the 1% own many income producing assets, have money to burn on fast cars and luxury watches that would empty most people's 401ks. I proudly write this with my Note 9.

  12. Don Warrington

    I was an isheep and waiting for this years effort until a mate got the S9+, now i have never used anything else since 2007 but Apple but that Samsung just blew me away, opened my eyes and have to say went out and got the note 9 512 right away. All i can say is amazing !!!

  13. Chris Hodges

    I didnt know I was broke until that guy in the comments said so… hmmm… maybe I should take this note 9 and the Gucci shoes back along with this big ass flat screen TV… damn I probably dont need the 24's neither…🤔

  14. Ryder

    Samsung isn't a better product. That's for sure…they offer a lot of high specs to compensate for their lack of software control and optimized apple has…but over all apple is the better phone

  15. Lawrence Singh

    So I have been watching your channel as of lately and while I do have apple products, I definitely agree with the many points you specified. I am glad there are channels like yours that bring issues to light and even help me see the broader picture when it comes to samsung vs. apple. Nevertheless, the reason I continue to stick with apple is because I have equity with it. Also, I have other devices that are apple so syncing and transitioning things are smooth. However, you make valid points and especially in regards to the latest iphone (iphone xs). That is why I am considering a Huawei smartphone for my next upgrade. Overall, I prefer the Huawei's camera and functionality and from your explanations I saw that the innovation that used to be there with apple is no longer there. Overall, keep making videos and you are doing a service to those who want to learn only ignorant people will say otherwise.

  16. Invincible YT

    I don’t brag about my iphone, I just prefer IOS and that’s my opinion. I don’t want to be under google’s eye and your other argument about being under apple’s eye through icloud isn’t correct for me. I don’t use imessages anymore, I have never used Icloud, I use whatsapp and don’t really have problems with them. So hey. Opinions are opinions. One of the main mistakes I see “ios haters” do is just generalising it to “apple users” implying that we all do this or that, which is wrong.

  17. DINO92AVFC

    I don't see Apple users being higher educated, quite the opposite. iOS is a operating system which has been dumbed down maximally so even the stupidest ones can use it.
    Also, when you look at Apple's dumbed down presentations, and high fiving customers which enter the store like they are a bunch of morons, you really get the sense what Apple thinks of their target audience.
    Second, I consider the whole "phone as a status symbol" to be primitive as f*ck, and blindly believing that iPhones are superior to all of the other phones without even checking any of them is straight up ignorant. Mocking those who have Samsungs and other phones just because they use their brains and don't let themselves to be ripped off is bullying. I use Xiaomi's flagship with custom ROM on it and am proud of the fact that I have used my brain to find the best device that suits my needs for the best cost, and was able to customize it to my taste.

    Apple has become like a cult, a religion. In scientology you have to pay money to get to the next level, and each next level costs more. Same thing with Apple phones and their zealous users: no matter how expensive the phone is, they'll keep paying the price as if the each next phone will level them up in their worshipping of Apple.

  18. Rivvy

    Finally…someone with Brain cells. I mean someone literally came up to me and said…hey, my IP X cost a thousand bucks, your phone is Cheap and I'm like bro..Note 8 also costs a thousand bucks so…IPhones are for some members of the middle class and Higher class ppl but Android is for all.

  19. Clay

    there is another flaw logic that apple fan boys like to make and bash samsung for it. is that apple sells more phones than samsung. that it self is true, for 1 reason and 1 reason only. apple is the only company that sells iOS devices and there are more than just samsung selling android devices.

  20. clips plenty

    Lmfao ok to debate that stupid comment there are alot more broke people then rich people and the wealthy are called 1%ers and just plain rich people are 9%ers now he say apple has more sales then samsung so if samsung is for broke people explain why the numbers in sales are greater for apple if samsung is for broke people and also explain why i see kids more then anybody with iphones kids are not born rich right? Usually the apple consumer is younger not richer it appeals more the younger and less tech savy it has nothing to do with rich or poor what a idiot smh

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