Apple vs Android: Which has the best hardware?

iPhone and iPad vs Android: We compare Apple’s mobiles and tablets against the best of Android, to see which offers the best hardware in 2017.

Our Apple vs Android battle has six rounds, comparing the latest and greatest iPhones and iPads with rival Android mobiles and tablets. The rounds are:

Best premium phone
Best compact phone
Best big-scree phone
Best affordable phone
Best pro tablet
Best family tablet

Read the full Android vs Apple hardware comparison:

And take a look at our iOS vs Android comparison, to see how the two mobile operating systems stack up:

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7 Replies to “Apple vs Android: Which has the best hardware?”

  1. Fairgroundking1

    personally android wins because they are affordable and you get alot of customisation like home screen etc apple seems to market their Ipad "Pro" as a "laptop replacement" i wouldn't go that fair but thats just my personal opinion

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